Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Calling...

"I have heard it all my life
A voice is calling a name I recognize as my own
Sometimes it comes as a soft bellied whisper
Sometimes it holds an edge of urgency 
But always it says "wake up my love, you are walking asleep."
-Oriah Mountain Dreamer-

Journal prompt: Take one line from the above, and write what comes from your heart...

A voice is calling a name
It is the sound of my soul 
Pounding away, asking me to hear the call of authenticity and begin the path of simplicity.
The call is a tough one because to live authentically means to live with courage 
It means being Willing to take the chance that others will abandon you while you walk the path of your own truth. 
Take time to discover your truth
Pay attention to the signs around you that will 
Guide you to your truth
Each day you must step further into discovering the path of your truth
Today I discovered the power of my voice 
I discovered that honesty and integrity combined touched the heart of one person
I trusted the call of my soul.
And as I awoke the next morning, 
I woke up to the sounds of drums
The drum was my heartbeat telling me to listen- to the patterns of my life and to respond to my calling… 

what do you awake to??????

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