Wednesday, November 27, 2013


On November 7, 2013, I joined as it began a 21 day Gratitude Challenge in honor of Thanksgiving. Gratitude has its ways of opening up energy centers in us that are blocked.  Gratitude helps us look at the bigger picture, and removes us from our so called “tunnel vision.”  Gratitude allows our compassionate self to become more dominant, but most of all Gratitude is another gateway to “happiness.”   Journaling about Gratitude and having daily journal entries can allow us to be more mindful about how we experience Gratitude on a daily basis.  So when I came across the challenge, I was so exhilarated, because it gave me an opportunity to experience this while journaling.  Today, marks the end of the 21 day challenge, and all I can say is this will push me to be more grateful on a daily basis.   I involved my son who is six (almost 7), and his version was a modified version, but it was a beautiful experience as we both journaled our thoughts on the various ways of feeling grateful.  And that’s what it is in essence – BEING, FEELING AND LIVING GRATEFULNESS IN THOUGHT, WORD & DEED.


The Power Of Gratitude Will Unleash Your Ability To AttractFor those of you who are interested in keeping a journal on Gratitude, I will list the questions that we received each day as journal entry prompts – There was a community of participants whom we could share our thoughts with, there was support in our joint mission on feeling grateful.  I ask you to pick one of these questions, and reflect on it – and throughout the day be mindful of that particular question – notice how it manifests itself in your daily life – be mindful of it.!  And more than anything, a big Thank you to - an amazing idea...


1.      What do you have enough of?  Write it down.  What is that you have, focus on what you have, not on what you do not have.  Write about it, Draw it, or make a collage of words on the word SUFFICIENCY!
2.      Who do you know that you can never repay?
3.      What inconvenience are you grateful for? LIST IT ALL and see how you can be grateful for this inconvenience!
4.      What is your most precious memory?
5.      Which Artist Lights up your world? Take a moment to reflect on it and how they played an impact on you.
6.      How has your life changed for the better?
7.      What is that you know that you never want to forget – what wisdom that you always hope to have in your heart?
8.      What is the greatest compliment you have received or given?
9.      What is the best advice you have ever received?
10.  What made you smile today?
11.  What is the best mistake you ever made?
12.  Who inspires you to be your best self?
13.  When has nature taken your breath away ? (My personal favorite)
14.  What has shaped your inner compass?
15.  What is most cherished gift you have ever received?
16.  Who in your life are you underappreciating?
17.  What skill do you value most in yourself?
18.  Who can you say THANK YOU in this very moment?
19.  What have you lost and learned from? List them, each of them – it is important to take the time to acknowledge all that you have lost in order to move forward.
20.  If this were your last day how would you spend it?

And last but not least – below is a link to a warm video called “GRATEFUL.” 


Happy Thanksgiving all & Happy Journaling!



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