Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Love Letters

February is the month of  Love - celebrating love in all its various forms.   One of the websites that I came across a couple of weeks ago was something called Love Letters - i was struck by concept of writing love letters and the actually art of writing a letter.   Seldom are the days now where we actually mail letters to our friends, family - instead in this day and age, everything is electronized.   So when i came across this website -it intrigued me - What i found out instead was a woman by the name of Hannah Brencher who began writing love letters to strangers on the subways who felt needed a boost.   Fresh out of college, trying to find some sort of purpose in this world, she would ride the subway on her way to work and out of that came the idea of sending love letters to others.

What a concept.   Spreading our universal energy of love wherever we go - and it does not matter if we received it back in return.   That is the message of universal love - it is like a current that goes through one person and it spreads to the other ---and the other - and what a difference it makes.   And now it is an organization that is in full force ---where letter requests are sent every month for particular indiividuals needing that boost- and it is a hand written letter - not something by email, not something by text, but something that needs someone to take the time, pick up a piece of paper, perhaps do some artwork, perhaps write a poem, allow that creative energy to come through for no selfish motive whatsoever - it is to give love - unconditionally.....what an amazing concept....


I'm going to take it one step further - one of the all time classic techniques in journaling is writing letters -the act of putting down on paper what sometimes you may not be able to say verbally is a very healing and powerful technique.  It could be a letter to someone who is deceased, it could be a letter to your child , it could be a letter of forgiveness, it could be a letter to heal the mended heart, and/or it could a letter of gratitude - it could also be a letter of saying good bye and letting go....Writing gives you that power to express what sometimes our voices can't inititally - what i have found though is the more we practice the art of writing letters - the better we become at the art of communication and the better we become in honoring our voices.

- i remember last year when my son was in pre-k - the parents were asked to write a letter to their children about how proud we are of them - reading it out loud to them it was an absolute joy to see their faces light up - when i turned forty - i was so grateful for coming to where i was in my life -but i also knew that i couldn't be there if it weren't for so many people who came across me - some who i may not be in contact with regularly -or some of whom are family ----so i decided to send them notes of thank you - or i guess you would call it " love notes".....for one - it made me reflect back and think back of the memories- it made me appreicate them even further, and it made me honor myself more..... now i am not mentioning this to brag about it, but more so to illustrate that people often don't know how much you mean to them unless we take the time to say it - and often life slips you by and if in the whole span of your life, you don't take the time to really tell the people that influenced you or made you "You" - you have missed out on a great opportunity of connection - they will never know it - words have power and it is important to use it in a positive way.    

2in  SCRABBLE LETTER WORD  squares  for cards scrapbooking journaling collage crafts etc MagentaBelle printable download 106So i began thinking of the idea of spreading love throughout the month of february - A book i read on essays in journal writing talks about a whole chapter of Love Letters - It talks about the concept of- If we were to spread our love out in dfferent forms -to strangers, to family, to friends, to nature - and express that throughout the month - imagine the difference it would have on you.   Think of at time when you were truly in love - everything around you feels happy - you are exuding happiness in every limb or your body - think of how ur mood effects those around you and then think of how it pushes you to do more and be more to your True Self ---now imagine that feeling of love is spread out a little bit further - it is not just to that person you are in love with, but it is also to the strangers that you may see on your morning commute, it may be the person at your bagel/coffee store that helps you get that first kick in the morning, or the waiter/waitress at your favorite restaurant, or the librarian, or your child's teacher - whatever it is - try doing this exercise for the full month of february - send love notes to people in your life and for that matter it does n't just have to be family. 

Think of all the people in your day to day life that you interact with - Make a list - do we take that person for granted - do we say thank you to them - do we acknowledge how they are a part of the process of our life - think about that. Now when you are ready - for the month - send them letters - not email - but handwritten letters - the act of taking the time to write gives you the permission to make time for yourself - it is very easy to send a text, it is very easy to send an email - but writing a note - putting it in the envelope, going to the post office (even if it can be a dreadful experience sometimes) - is all part of the process -

Throughout this month - i will be sending out prompts of suggestions on ideas for writing a love letter - i hope you try to do at least one if not throughout the month.  


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