Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I must stay still....

The bee was buzzing all around me.
It was small, but yet I knew the power of its bite
I stayed still knowing that movement can cause it to land on some part of your body
i've had that sting before and boy is it painful
so this time I resolved that I would not budge - no matter what I must stay still.
but for how long can I stay still?
breathing consciously in and out without taking any steps I just stood there
it felt like forever
when would it leave
maybe it was my fragrance
maybe it sensed something was there
it was all of five minutes but it felt like eternity
i decided to stay motionless until it would leave
i did not look at my phone for those five minutes
i did not even think about my to do list
all i did was focus on my breath
and at last finally I saw it fly away to a farther distance away from me.
that was intense
intense fear, intense worry, intense frustration because I had to pause what I was doing...
but yet an intense lesson in learning to be still amidst the noise
that was some loud noise
and it just wouldn't leave me alone
but i had to tune it out
and by focusing on my breath i tuned the noise out too
don't know if I would be able to do it again, but for that one moment I was grateful to not move
I was grateful to watch from a distance the happenings around me -almost like a movie
I was grateful because I didn't get bit...
I stood my ground.

Journal Prompt: Think of the last time you stood your ground....write about it for five minutes nonstop!