Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Invite your Fear to a cup of tea :)

Invite your Fears to a cup of tea -that was the affirmation that I picked up this morning.  This is an affirmation from Kris Karr - Crazy Sexy Love Notes Card Deck.

 I had to think about that for a little bit and wonder - what fears? what does this mean?  But we all have our hidden fears and sometimes it is our fears that dictate our actions -and most likely than none they are deep in our subconscious.  SO what if we do the opposite - find a way to make friends with our fears so that when we do and we are meeting face to face with them - instead of combatting, we engage in a dialogue.  Dialogue is what is needed in this world and we spend so much time on wanting to be right and wanting to be heard that we often forget to listen.   And we must start with ourselves - our selves so we can engage in true dialogue.  

What would it look like if we invited our fears to a cup of tea? A cup of tea is soothing -it is calming - and when we invite something that we are afraid of to tea, we give it a more safe connotation.  We give it permission to speak without being condemned or censored and last of all without being judged. The first step would be to create a list of fears - almost like creating a guest list.  What are my fears - this pushes me to be aware of the conscious and subconscious fears lurking in the back of me. And with each fear, i must force myself to resist judging them.  I have made that choice to be at the table with possibly my worse enemy- someone who will not allow me to shine - someone who wants to sabotage me every time I try to do something that is out of my comfort zone.  And over time, I begin to loathe that quality or that feeling so I push it down so hard that I resist feeling anything.  But now I have made the choice to face it - face it gently, lovingly, and openly knowing that is the only way to make the breakthrough.  Regardless of impressions, I must be open to listening and I must be open to changing.

The next step in the process is creating a space and a time - it can't be done when I have a 100 things going on - it needs to be done in a quiet, special place where I feel trusted.  The first image that came to my mind was a quiet coffee shop - or even a place of nature - but whatever it is -the timing and the venue has to be right.  Because if it is done without your full attention, it may take a wrong turn.

The next step is making the call to invite your fears - think of this as an affirmation that you are calling out to yourself or writing out to yourself to let your fears come to the table and so you can dialogue with them.  "hello Fear "   When I mean dialogue, i mean writing out what fear has to say to you - so Once you are centered feeling safe and comfortable, take deep breaths and ask the question  - "What is the fear of my health (example) trying to tell me?"   take a few moments and just sit with it. and when you are ready, allow yourself to write for twenty minutes nonstop.  

We have many layers and this may have to be done more than once, at different times, and so with that, we take the time to be present with ourselves.  Being present is key to unraveling our fears.  

So take some time and invite your fears to a cup of tea.....
make that change

Happy Journaling!