Thursday, May 18, 2017


Fluidity may refer to "A continuous, amorphous substance whose molecules move freely past one another and that has the tendency to assume the shape of its container"
Synonyms for Fluidity include adaptability, flexibility, resilience, adjustable, supple - in essence it is to go with the flow - don't stick to ideas what "should" and what "must" but rather be flexible enough to ease and float along because it could lead you to your purpose, surprises, and being a fuller version of your true being. But as humans we grow up and create these images in our head of what things are supposed to be like - and it is so hard to let go of these ideas especially when they appear on the surface very different from our values.  But isn't fluidity essential to survival? Taking on the shape of something means that we begin to view things from another's person perspective - when we do that, we become more understanding and less judgmental.  Fluidity is always flowing - never stagnant -if we flow we are allowing ourselves to receive and give - if we are stagnant - everything around us is stuck.   What are some images that come to your mind when you hear the word fluidity? I see images of Yoga- doing an asana that will allow me to stretch my limbs fully that I feel connected to my breath and the earth.    I see water- cooling, giving us life - flowing.  All of these images eventually build resilience - another essential quality to survival. I also see confusion - because sometimes going with the flow may lead us in another direction - a life that we may not want for ourselves and continuously resisting but more and more incidences may actually be leading us to this life we are resisting.  so if we accept and take its shape perhaps we can be supple, flexible, free without feeling stuck all the time.  If our bodies are fluid, our minds are too  and isn't that key to freedom - freeing our minds from all these preconcieved notions, assumptions, values....A difficult task to achieve for us humans.....
Journal Prompt:
Stretching is so important - not only for our bodies, but for our mind - what is your favorite stretch? Take five minutes aside and begin to focus on your breath and awareness as you begin your favorite stretch - pay attention to each limb stretching with each breath going in and out - and pay attention to each movement.   When you are done with the stretch, take your notebook and write for five minutes nonstop.  Let the fluidity flow:)

Happy Journaling!