Friday, November 4, 2016

Take a Stand

Take a Stand
Don't stay on the Fence
Take a Stand For Goodness
Take a Stand for what is right!
Your heart is telling you what is right
So why don't you listen to it.
If you stay on the Fence, you contribute to the problem
You become the problem
Then you can't complain
Then you can't whine.
If you say you truly want change, then take a Stand.
Take a Stand for Truth
We may never know the full truth, but take a stand for Your Truth!
Take a stand for creating a world that embodies what you want.
Be That Light!
Do you like what you see when you look out into the world?
If not, then take a stand for creating a beautiful world. 
I ask you -how do you want your children to be? What values do you want your children to have?
Do you want them to be cruel, angry, inssensitive, selfish, sexists?
Or do you want them to hold certain core values?
Taking a stand is for our children -
A Scarred Traumatized Child can grow up into a very angry dysfunctional adult.
Just look around you and see the adults in your life -
Do we want our children to turn out that way?
I take a stand on NO I don't.
So that's why today I'm taking a Stand to no more violence.

Journal Prompt:  Make a List of all the things you Take a Stand to!

Happy Journaling!