Monday, June 20, 2016

Where would I go with you Sun?

" Where would I go with you Sun?"

I would travel around the earth with you so that I get to make stops in all the corners of the world where all my loved ones are both earthly and departed so I get to meet them once again and just spend time with them.

I would go with you on a journey to sprinkle lots of warmness to those suffering from cold

I would absorb all your energy so that it could be transmitted to every cell of my body so that I can feel your energy regardless of how my day is.

I would play "peekaboo" with the clouds so that I could make the children giggle.

I would go with you on a long journey so that I can learn from my past mistakes, and truly learn to live in the present. 
I would shine, shine, shine, so strong that the light in me burns and never extinguishes

I would spend time with you so i could learn from you how to love without expectation, to love without disappointment, to love unconditionally. 

I would go on a long journey only to want to return home!

Happy Summer Solstice!!