Monday, October 26, 2015

The Colors of Fall

The colors of fall are simply breathtaking. I look outside the window and see leaves that were once green turn into shades or rust, reds, oranges, yellows. It has been a very gradual change in color. Not a sudden overnight. But this weekend the leaves seem to have been in full bloom. I walked out the house this morning and began to see leaves falling softly onto the ground. The sound of "crunch, crunch, crunch" as our shoes walk over the fallen leaves, and I realized we are in full fall season. The beauty of this season are the colors- there is something about the colors that makes me want to connect to the earth more. I thought to myself as I left my home, "i really need to enjoy this before it is over." This is one season that doesn't last long - before you know it, the leaves will be on the ground and winter will begin to descend upon us. This led me to another thought: this season is very much like life - we don't appreciate the beauty that is right before our eyes- only when it is gone do we see how much we miss it. I myself have been preoccupied with work these past couple of months to forget to just take a moment and enjoy what is around me. Having had to get back on my feet from this ankle surgery and get back into a routine of walking/work/walking/home, etc the routine of life has seeped into every part of my body - which i know is not me.  There is nothing wrong with routine and stability, but when the spark is gone then you know there is a problem. And what I have felt for a very long time just came to the forefront - the spark for my routine has gone and so i need to get it back.  Like someone said to me "we don't want you to lose your fire." The leaves sparked that fire this morning and hopefully it will get me to enjoy this beautiful season a little bit longer. Hopefully I will not look back and say, " i wish i could have done this...," but instead i will say, " i'm so glad i was able to catch this, or I'm so glad that i was able to do this.

Each season brings a meaning.  The turning of the leaves is the beginning of change, a new season, a new time. It is also a time of shifting perspective and regaining feeling grounded. The connection to the earth must keep me grounded so I can be fully present and by being fully present i am able to always feel the fire in me. The earth is a beautiful place. We see beauty before us everyday and we must learn to appreciate the beauty we see in us, around us, above us and below us.

Journaling Prompt: Make a list of things you like to do during the Fall and go out and do it. Look around you and notice the colors. Catch one that captures your eye and just stare at it for be with it for a while. If you can, write for five minutes after that experience. See what comes up for you.

Happy Journaling!

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