Thursday, June 4, 2015

Getting back to Center

My aunt said to me yesterday evening - you haven't blogged in a while - and the first answer that came out of my mouth was "i'm busy...super busy." But it got me thinking - busy working that when I get home, the first thing  I want is to just unwind from the day and rest - writing is not the first thing that comes to my mind. And that is strange for someone who likes to journal.  Part of it is due to major changes personally and so with the body feeling tired at the end of the day, writing is not a priority.  Yet this question also reminded me of why i started this blog in the first place - because i love to write - and when work begins to interfere with your passion to write and share what's on your mind - then you know that you are heading in the wrong direction. So to that I say thank you to her for that gentle reminder.  With that said - what can one do if there fatigue, tiredness interferes with what you love to do. How can one get back to that center? Awareness is key - awareness that one may be deviating away from their center can get us back on track.  After awareness is sticking to a schedule and keeping that schedule no matter what. And once we create that, we develop a discipline of some sort - in the beginning there may be dread or some type of internal battle to get out of sticking to a schedule/commitment. It is amazing to see the tricks the mind can play on us - and if we give into the tricks of the mind we are doomed. We go back to our old habits. I read a quote today which I loved -that reflected what I had been doing on a subconscious level - it said " don't wait for that book, or that special something to write -just write and do it now. - If we keep putting it off and it could be a myriad of reasons - from tiredness to not having anything to write about to tired about writing the same thing - to who's going to read it anyway -then that moment will never come - we will always be waiting for that something special to drop right in front of us- and all this time, it is what we live on a day to day basis- our experiences, our feelings, our interactions that could be the very trigger/basis for writing. We write for us. Now this could be related to anything that we are passionate about - and for me it is writing. But anything from exercise, to meditation, to running, to painting - if we stop suddenly because life interferes with us, or "BUSYNESS" interferes with us, we lose our center. we lose our focus. And it is these very things that make us creative, kind, centered, fulfilled, confident and on track. So just like I needed my reminder, I am "paying it forward" by asking you to think about what your passion is that you may have put to the side because of "busyness" or because of "major changes" in one's life.

Journal Prompt:
Make a list of how you can bring yourself back to center.  The list is a tool for you to get back to what you love to do.  Choose one tool and stick to it regularly.

Happy Journaling!