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Friday, May 8, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Mother's Day in the U.S. is May 10, 2015.  Some Countries celebrated it last weekend. Every where I look, I see ads on TV, and via email about getting "mom the gifts we deserve"- consumerism at its worse - and the pressure is on for the children to go out and get their mom's/ their wives/ daughter in laws, sisters, friends gifts to honor and treasure them being a mom.

My son came home last week with a notice from school saying the "school shop" is open for mother's day purchases.  At age 8, it begins where he is being taught from society, that one of the many ways that he should celebrate Mother's Day is to go out and buy her something.  Call me crazy, but I told him, that I don't want him spending money on small things that eventually will be a pile of things that I will have to either donate or recycle.  He looked at me with a look, and said " I know mom." Don't get me wrong, I value the sentiment, and it is a treasure to watch his eyes light up trying to figure out how to please me or get me something I want.  But there is something about the consumerism that I don't want him to get easily sucked into.

But then he began asking -so what do you want, what do you want.?  I had to think twice about that.  What do I want versus what do I need? Do I become the practical person or do I go with sentiment? Do I show him that these special days is not just about "a purchase" for the day, but it goes beyond that? Of course, who doesn't like getting gifts? I know for one, I do.  I did both...the sentiment and more.  The question that he posed to me which is "what do I want?" got me thinking more deeply.   Perhaps he is too young to read this, but one day, I will give it to him. In the meanwhile, here it is from my heart.....

As a mother, what is it that I truly want?
I want for you to be filled with the qualities such as love, compassion, truth, peace, and non violence.
I want you to be yourself more than anything and be true to your word.
I want your actions to speak for yourself when the world doesn't seem to understand you.
I want you to be filled with reverence for life.
I want you to respect and understand the importance of culture, tradition, and history
I want you to be able to look at things from another's perspective. You may not agree with people's actions and often they will seem unfair to you, but if you begin to develop empathy, it will help you deal with conflicts better.
I want you to laugh more, to have more joy in your life and be happy!
I want you to tell me tales of your days no matter how crazy or stupid your thoughts may seem
I want you to always love your body because when you love it, you will respect it.
I want you to love God!
I want you to always love me:) even when I deny you of certain things, or expect perfection from you at times or even when I make mistakes.
I want you to never stop hugging me even when you are 10, 16, 30, 50, etc.
I want you to be able to come to me with anything because that's what I am there for.
I want you to feel passionate about your purpose in life!
I want you to love and not be afraid of love.
I want you to make things happen for yourself, not wait till it happens.
I want you to also understand that certain things will play itself out
I want you to be able to let go and forgive
I want you to be patient with me as I get older, and all the wonderful quirks with aging!  
I want you to continue our book club because it connects me to your mind!
I want so much for you and more....
And so on this day, as much as I love what it is you will gift me, I hope you take these words and keep them with you, and try to do some of it. You see that is really a mother's happiness - to see the hard work, selflessness and time that she gives to her children so that they gain tools for life as adults. There is pride, there is pure joy on her face and it makes her be able to take a deep breathe and exhale fully ---saying...Yes it was all worth, and Yes I would do it again!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all moms, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, god mothers, and anyone who has played a mother to a child. I hope you have a beautiful day and enjoy your day thoroughly!

Journal Prompt:
Ask yourself that question: What is it that I want as a mother?

Happy Journaling!

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