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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day!

Mother Earth, you are so generous with your gifts for us to use
The sun that provides us with warmth and strength
The rivers, oceans, lakes that allow us to cool down from a hot summer day,
the rivers, oceans that provide us with water for us to drink
the mountains that allow us to revel in your grandeur and beauty from high above
And oh, such beautiful trees that provide us with shade, houses, paper, and oh so much more.
Today we pay homage to thee.  Your gifts are endless.
mankind is cruel-we take and take from you to satisfy our selfish needs.
we have created a disastrous climates, disastrous conditions because of our wants and our desires
and you continue to give your wealth, treasures, your beauty unconditionally without question.
for that is what your true nature is - Pure Love-and we see that in the glory of Nature that you have created. 
Today is your day, but everyday should be your day.  We fail to realize how precious your gifts are to us.
As I look around today, I see nothing but sunshine, greenery, crisp air, and love.
the sun is emanating your love towards us, and we must do something back in return to conserve and maintain your resources.
I myself am not free from fault, but I must make an attempt to show you how incomplete we are as human beings without you.
You are the mother of all mothers -and in your grandeur, and as your children, we must work to make this earth holy.
The land, the waters, the mountains, the parks - all spring from you as a gift to us earth children to enjoy -not to abuse -
may we realize our mistakes sooner than later so that you are not left depleted.

Journal Prompt: This is more of an action prompt - go green - make one commitment to help conserve this generous earth of ours that we take for granted.  Recycle more, conserve energy, stop littering.  If each of us gives up one habit, imagine how much we can accomplish in making our natural resources a better place -not just for us, but our children and future generations to come! Feel free to write about your action step.
Happy Journaling!

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