Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day!

Mother Earth, you are so generous with your gifts for us to use
The sun that provides us with warmth and strength
The rivers, oceans, lakes that allow us to cool down from a hot summer day,
the rivers, oceans that provide us with water for us to drink
the mountains that allow us to revel in your grandeur and beauty from high above
And oh, such beautiful trees that provide us with shade, houses, paper, and oh so much more.
Today we pay homage to thee.  Your gifts are endless.
mankind is cruel-we take and take from you to satisfy our selfish needs.
we have created a disastrous climates, disastrous conditions because of our wants and our desires
and you continue to give your wealth, treasures, your beauty unconditionally without question.
for that is what your true nature is - Pure Love-and we see that in the glory of Nature that you have created. 
Today is your day, but everyday should be your day.  We fail to realize how precious your gifts are to us.
As I look around today, I see nothing but sunshine, greenery, crisp air, and love.
the sun is emanating your love towards us, and we must do something back in return to conserve and maintain your resources.
I myself am not free from fault, but I must make an attempt to show you how incomplete we are as human beings without you.
You are the mother of all mothers -and in your grandeur, and as your children, we must work to make this earth holy.
The land, the waters, the mountains, the parks - all spring from you as a gift to us earth children to enjoy -not to abuse -
may we realize our mistakes sooner than later so that you are not left depleted.

Journal Prompt: This is more of an action prompt - go green - make one commitment to help conserve this generous earth of ours that we take for granted.  Recycle more, conserve energy, stop littering.  If each of us gives up one habit, imagine how much we can accomplish in making our natural resources a better place -not just for us, but our children and future generations to come! Feel free to write about your action step.
Happy Journaling!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Free Writing through Quotes

Today I provide two examples of how to use quotes as a journaling prompt when you just don't feel like writing about the same thing.   I have often spoken about the beauty of quotes in its capacity as a powerful way to spark a free writing exercise. 

The first quote is by Frida Kahlo, " Feet why do I need you when I have wings to fly."  I began a free writing exercise for five minutes:

Wings, rise from the ground flying high into the sky.  I am soaring high and feel as light as  a feather. I am not sure which direction to head in but I begin to fly around in circles. I complete one circle, then another, and then a third. Three circles are completed and feel the need to soar a little higher. The completion of circles is a step towards the goal.  Everything comes in three's-and now is the time to break free from the circle and soar higher. I turn around and see a group of Blue Morpho butterflies flying by my side. They give me support as they notice that it is an effort to push to fly higher. The colors emanate healing light and give me the energy to fly further.  They seem to know where I am headed-more than I do. So I let them lead the way.  And there it is in full glory as we reach our destination.  I hear music swaying or is it the wind that is swaying to form a delightful tune. I look for a spot to rest. In front of me is a hill top covered in daffodils and tulips. I slowly bring my body to rest and sit on the top. I look to see if the butterflies are there, and they are gone.   Instead, is something else that has come to rest by my side. A hummingbird on my shoulder humming away a tune and together we begin singing into the space amongst us. Wings begin to flap and it is time for me to return home.  Yet there is so much comfort in knowing that this a spot and space I can return to again and again no matter where or what my circumstance.  All I have to do is flap my wings and fly....Blue Morpho in Flight


The next quote is by Sri Aurobindo, " Providence is also that which while all others are saved, snatches away my last plank of safety and drowns me in the solitary ocean."

I shivered when I read that quote-found it absolutely powerful -especially the last part and the image of a the plank being snatched from me all to drown in the solitary ocean.  And I think to myself -how can providence be both -good and kind. How can the same hand that delivers kindness also deliver us to a point of utter  desperation.  Perhaps so that we can learn to depend on our internal force that we have forgotten that exists. Perhaps because all too often we are so dependent on our external faculties that we forget amazing powerhouse that needs to emerge when we are on the verge of drowning.  I am so often reminded of The life of Pi - and the young boy is left with nothing in the vast ocean -except a tiger.  Here he is in the middle of an ocean with man's worse enemy -a prey to the tiger and he must learn to fend for himself.  He must learn to fight the demons in his head, the fear that is right in his face and get to his goal which is land.  Providence is like that, sometimes the journey of aloneness  is necessary to wake up from slumber.  And come to a state of surrender -that what "IS" will be. 


Take your favorite quote and do a free writing exercise with it. You may  visualize, you may create your own writing prompt or you may simply center yourself and take deep breaths and then begin writing for five minutes nonstop.  Its okay if you find yourself repeating certain themes, patterns, -maybe that's what is needed at this time, write, but do not judge.

Happy Journaling!

Saturday, April 4, 2015