Thursday, March 26, 2015

As I watch the rain come down.....

It's been raining all day. The weather is damp. No sun, just super cloudy. On an ordinary day I would say - how I wish I could just curl up under the covers and rest! Sleep, read a good book and be indoors. But today is not any ordinary day. I did get my wish to come true, I am under the covers with a blanket, have my iPad, phone, music, journal and anything else that I can think of next to me.  This is just the beginning I thought to myself- I will be in a seated position for the next couple of weeks due to a broken ankle. I write not for pity. I am simply recording my thoughts and observations as I begin my healing process. Today was not  about making a choice to stay indoors - I had no other option. I wished I could go outside for a split second. But then I remembered that wistful feeling I had many days when I had to go into work and just wanted to stay put. To rest and do nothing. Today was about doing nothing- and by that I mean- no running errands, no cleaning , no going to work. It was about me sitting with myself.  Even the Internet didn't work and I had to find myself lost at moments. But again I reminded myself that how often do we get this - to just sit and be.   I found myself in prayer a lot- or meditation. I found myself listening to music. I found myself taking a nap. 
I wrote - and wrote- and in writing I observed the following:
-patience is my best friend right now
-the mind needs to pause especially if the body is running constantly 
-I am more than just this physical body-and the things I used to be conscious of are insignificant- it's okay if I can't wash my hair everyday- there are much more important things! 

Journal Prompt: 
What is it that I cannot do without? 

Happy Journaling! 

Recognizing one's Soul Group