Monday, February 2, 2015

Current Workshops from The Journal Seeker

Journaling has been proved to improve chronic health, well-being, self-esteem, and from an organizational level improve productivity and stress-management.  Currently offering Customized Workshops for individuals, Community Groups and/or Organizations. 

·        Journal to the Self:   Based on the works of Kathleen Adams, this course provides 18 different journaling prompts that can be used for personal enhancement, growth, and self-care.  This can also be offered as an all day workshop or as a weekend retreat. 

·        21 Days of Gratitude Journaling:  Embark on an inward journey of gratitude for 21 days.  Each day, you will receive a journaling prompt revolving around the theme of Thankfulness and Gratitude via y email. 

·        30 Day Creativity Journaling Challenge:  Interested in having more creativity in your life?  Then I ask you to consider this 30 day online Creativity Challenge.  Each day you will receive a journaling prompt followed by a creativity prompt that will help you uncover and unravel the energies in you that are dormant. 

If you are interested in bringing this workshop to your organization, group or program, please email

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