Thursday, February 5, 2015

Dear Universe...

Dear Universe,
This morning when I woke up, I had the urge to write you a letter. 
We have met many times, we meet every day as the sun greets the sky,  as the birds begin to chirp throught the day, and as the stars bright up the sky.  
Sometimes its almost as if you read my thoughts and voila, things begin to manifest. There are serendipitous acts occuring all around us with your grace.  But then I wonder about the times when I see injustice and wonder how could we as human beings play a role in wanting to harm ourselves? I see situations where as an individual one has no control over the events occurring in our lives-
 it's almost as if we are being pushed into something unwillingly.  
And i cant help but wonder why? Maybe because we are too comfortable, 
 because we keep putting of decisions, maybe because this could be our lucky chance, maybe because this is the right time.  
As I move on this path I am not sure of the reasons. 
All I do know is I must keep moving. 
 I have heard the phrase again and again "The Universe has your back" - 
 I like that phrase because it sends a message of hope to those that are anxious, confused, in shock, and looking for answers. 

But my question to you is how do we begin to really feel it? 
How do we begin to rest in the uneasiness of the unknown, 
or see the people we love suffer, or even come  to terms that there are better things out there? 
Please don't get me wrong, the universe is a beautiful place/
 I am astonished each day by your beauty, kindness, 
unexpected acts of pure love, and generosity.
But the ugliness is what frightens me sometimes. 
The ugliness that perhaps somewhere deep deep down in my subconscious my thoughts played a big role in manifesting certain conditions. 
The crazy thing is that I don't even realize the power of my thoughts. 
I write to you not for answers, but more for signs that I must look,
out for as I tread this journey. 

Let my mind be still. Let my thoughts be pure.
 Let my actions be with integrity,and  
lastly let me never forget the vastness of who you are.  
There is a quote by Oscar Wilde - 
" We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking out at stars.,"  
I choose to look at Stars as your play unfolds 
because I have seen the many miracles that have occurred 
and I do believe in your magic.   
Yours truly - The Journal Seeker.

Journal Prompt: Write that letter that you have postponed for so long. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

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