Monday, November 23, 2015

By Thy Grace....

Grace is something we feel, not always visibly seen with the physical eye. We say grace before food to say thank you for the abundance of food in our life, but what if we say grace before everything we do? what if Grace is a part of us no matter where we are in life. This time of the year is always bittersweet for me. It reminds me of a loss I had many years ago that sits with me everyday, but in that too I find grace - I find grace for being where I am today. I find grace for being able to move past many emotions and still survive. Ironic because while so many of us were celebrating life and gratitude, many years ago we were mourning a loss. But it was Grace that taught me to celebrate the loss and use that as a way of living and getting past it. It was Grace that pushed me to always remember that kindness, love, and service is what gets us far in life not misery, sadness and anger. So thanks to Grace I learned to honor both life and death. You see it was also a time of joy - thanksgiving was being celebrated and it was the beginning of the holiday season in the U.S.  The time of togetherness, spreading cheer and reminding ourselves of the good in life. That too is Grace. grace is all around us, we just have to catch it, breathe it, hold it and never let it go. You see, it never lets us go, it is us who lets go of grace - when we feel we don't need it anymore. We always need Grace. It is what keeps hope alive. Grace is what helps us believe in miracles -it helps us survive the loss of a loved one, it helps us beat a sickness, it helps us put food on the table, it helps us forgive those that have hurt us deeply and last but not least it is our feeling of expanding love. I say thanks to thee again and again for thy Grace.   So wherever you, whomever you are with, however you are celebrating this thanksgiving weekend, try to practice one thing - Grace. We all need it, so instead of holding on to it just for yourself, extend it to others - you don't know where it will lead you.  
There is too much sadness around us and suffering, we all have and are part of that process in some way or the other.  As we move into a new season let us each try to contribute in our way to more hope.  That has been my word for 2015 - Grace has led me to believe in HOPE, and without HOPE we cannot survive.  Look for it and you shall find it. It is there waiting for it to be seen.  Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!

Journal Prompt:  Grace is a five letter word.  With this word think of synonyms that define Grace, Write down at least 4-5 words without stopping. After you are done, begin writing non stop for five minutes with the following lines:  BY THY GRACE.........

Happy Journaling! 



Monday, November 9, 2015

Lead me unto Light!

The Hindu festival of Diwali is one my most favorite times of the year. It brings back warm memories of my grandmothers making mouth watering sweets, lots of cleaning of our homes, and anxiously waiting for the big day - celebrating with families and friends and preparing sweets and goodies to give away to loved ones. It is something that I hoped to continue as I get older, and pass down as memories for my son. It is a time of happiness. It is a time of storytelling. It is a time of prayer. As I get older I have found that the rituals get less and less with me, but my focus is more so the significance of this holiday. 
But what is the story behind Diwali that is so special?  It is two fold - It is welcoming the Goddess of Wealth into the homes and wish for a prosperous New Year.  Wealth is not just measured by material -it is spiritual, physical and mental wealth - and on this day we offer prayers and light "diyas" to welcome her.  It is also the story of good triumphing over evil. The story associated with it is that of a prince named Ram who was exiled to the forest for 14 years with his wife Sita and his brother Lakshmana. During that time, in the forest, Sita gets kidnapped by this evil king called Ravana and Ram begins his search for Sita. King Ravana was in Lanka, but in order to find him, he enlists the help of a monkey king/god named Hanuman. It is a wonderful story because it shows the determination of Ram on finding Sita, , it shows courage on the part of Hanuman to undertake this task of finding Sita single handedly, and it shows how with Right Action, Clarity, and Love, one eventually is able to defeat "evil.  Diwali is celebrated because the city of Ayodhya was celebrating its Prince's return and they decorated every street, every corner with rows and rows of lights. You see, although the Prince was exiled, the city was very sad without its prince - there was darkness all around- and so the light symbolized the joy he was bringing back. Although he was the rightful heir to the throne, he had to go through his journey to get to return back home. And he went through his journey without complaining, without resentment, without bitterness or anger. He simply moved with his duty treating all alike and fulfilling his duty to the best he can.

The story of Diwali teaches us that and much more - our trials and tribulations are many but how we respond to it is what is important, not the final outcome. These stories have remained with us since childhood and by hearing and reading these stories over and over again, it taught me to remove the negativity in my life. Only if we are able to remove the negativity within ourselves, and by that I mean the doubts, the insecurities, the ignorance in our lives, can we have clarity. There could be a row of lights in front of us and we would be unmoved by it, because we are clouded by ignorance - but we must begin to remove the ignorance and negativity within us so that we can see the light. 

Light is light -it does not go away it is always there , but we must be willing to see it and only we can make ourselves see it.   So on this day before Diwali, I want to wish each of you happiness, joy, prosperity and clarity - I hope you gain a glimpse of the light in you - because it is only when you begin to see your light you can spread light and be a beacon of light for those around.

Journal Prompt:
Use the word clarity and light in a poem. see what comes up.
Feel free to share!

Happy Journaling!

Monday, October 26, 2015

The Colors of Fall

The colors of fall are simply breathtaking. I look outside the window and see leaves that were once green turn into shades or rust, reds, oranges, yellows. It has been a very gradual change in color. Not a sudden overnight. But this weekend the leaves seem to have been in full bloom. I walked out the house this morning and began to see leaves falling softly onto the ground. The sound of "crunch, crunch, crunch" as our shoes walk over the fallen leaves, and I realized we are in full fall season. The beauty of this season are the colors- there is something about the colors that makes me want to connect to the earth more. I thought to myself as I left my home, "i really need to enjoy this before it is over." This is one season that doesn't last long - before you know it, the leaves will be on the ground and winter will begin to descend upon us. This led me to another thought: this season is very much like life - we don't appreciate the beauty that is right before our eyes- only when it is gone do we see how much we miss it. I myself have been preoccupied with work these past couple of months to forget to just take a moment and enjoy what is around me. Having had to get back on my feet from this ankle surgery and get back into a routine of walking/work/walking/home, etc the routine of life has seeped into every part of my body - which i know is not me.  There is nothing wrong with routine and stability, but when the spark is gone then you know there is a problem. And what I have felt for a very long time just came to the forefront - the spark for my routine has gone and so i need to get it back.  Like someone said to me "we don't want you to lose your fire." The leaves sparked that fire this morning and hopefully it will get me to enjoy this beautiful season a little bit longer. Hopefully I will not look back and say, " i wish i could have done this...," but instead i will say, " i'm so glad i was able to catch this, or I'm so glad that i was able to do this.

Each season brings a meaning.  The turning of the leaves is the beginning of change, a new season, a new time. It is also a time of shifting perspective and regaining feeling grounded. The connection to the earth must keep me grounded so I can be fully present and by being fully present i am able to always feel the fire in me. The earth is a beautiful place. We see beauty before us everyday and we must learn to appreciate the beauty we see in us, around us, above us and below us.

Journaling Prompt: Make a list of things you like to do during the Fall and go out and do it. Look around you and notice the colors. Catch one that captures your eye and just stare at it for be with it for a while. If you can, write for five minutes after that experience. See what comes up for you.

Happy Journaling!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Shake the World

"In a gentle way you can shake the world." -Mahatma Gandhi-

Shaking the world with your words - utter words of truth

shake the world with your actions - perform acts of love
shake the world with kindness - spread it where ever you go
shake the world with your wisdom - share it even if that inner voice is telling you "no."
shake the world with your gifts - you have them, find them and let them come through you.
shake the world with your silence - sometimes that is needed in order for things to change.
shake the world with a "no" - that may be the only answer that is needed to save you. 
shake the world with a "yes" because it could lead you to new directions.
shake the world with your hands - let us shake each other hands rather than fight with one another.
shake the world with joy - because when sorrow hits you it can stay with you a long time
shake the world with music- and as we sing,or as we listen to the music we find peace inside 
shake the world with your feet - let them press on the ground, let them dance on the floor, let them kick the balls, and last but not least, let them run -for it is in our feet that we can feel grounded. 
shake the world with a little bit of color - creativity can go a long way.
gently, let us shake this world - let us make it less violent, more hopeful, and more joyful.
What do you want to shake the world with? 

 Happy Journaling!

Friday, September 18, 2015


He was born with a purpose - he just didn't know what it was. Yet every moment of his life was special. He was told that his life was precious and that his birth was a very special one. He was made to feel loved.  It is a very special gift that has been bestowed on us, and we must not waste it. He was also told that the obstacles on his path were just a simple reminder of once again of who he was and what his purpose was. He remembered these words as he moved on through the various life stages.  But he never actively sought out finding out his true purpose. He was of the understanding that it would come to him simply - he didn't have to actively find it. So He grew up, he went to college, he got a job, he had a girlfriend -perhaps several -and eventually got married. He kept moving, he was working, and kept moving in a forward direction. His was a simple life -he didn't ask for much. He didn't have many needs. But he traveled. He made time to see the world. See a new country opened up his eyes, made him richer, made him bolder, and taught him how to appreciate diversity. He saw the beauty in the mundane. He went deeper into the world of books. Books took him to a faraway land.  He would get lost for hours in them. Books were his escape. They gave him a new world when he couldn't travel. To him life was moving in the right direction.

Then one day he watched the sunset from his porch. The sun was setting, the sky was a deep purple with shades of pink. Something he had never seen before. He kept staring at it, just mesmerized. He couldn't speak. Tears streamed down his cheeks, it was almost as if the sky was calling out to him. He felt the tears and didn't understand what was triggering that -yet there was a pull. A pull towards the deep deep expansive sky.  It was vast, never ending, infinite. He couldn't fathom how he was such a minute part of this vastness. Who was he? He began to ask himself, and then he remembered his mother's message to him - "never forget you are born with a purpose - you are not just an ordinary person, you are special".  He thought to himself - this is special - this moment watching the  sunset is special. My everyday life is special. This now is special.
The question he wondered -am I living in accordance with my true purpose? And the answer was "yes." His purpose was not defined by his job or his status. His true purpose was identified by who he was as a person - his actions, his passions and what made him live.  It was a gentle reminder again to not get entangled in the drama or complexities of life. We have a choice to make it complicated or simple, sad or happy, relaxed or anxious - and we must use the guide of our purpose when making these choices.

Journal Prompt: What choices are you making for your self? Are they aligned with who you truly are? Make an inventory of who you are and do a check in....

Happy Journaling!

Friday, September 11, 2015


I watched The Amazing Spider Man yesterday with my son. Last year he couldnt watch it because it was too scary. Yesterday I was surprised he wanted to watch it with me. I paused for a moment, and acknowledged that to him - " you've grown, do you see that/'  He looks at me and says "yes." I'm not a big super hero person but for some reason yesterday I was drawn into the plot. Good Vs. Evil, truth vs. untruth, and following your purpose-passion. The quote from the movie that struck me was a speech at the end of the movie, " No matter how [bad] it gets or how lost you feel, you must promise me that you will hold on to hope." Hope -it gives us so much to look forward too - for without it we live in darkness. Yes we must hold onto hope because it makes the present moment less difficult to bare. Hope brings back energy because with hope we can begin dreaming. I can't imagine life without hope - i would be crushed. And perhaps that quote at the end of the movie struck me because it brought me back to when things are bad - we have a choice -to look upward or downward - we need to go through the feelings, but we must not get stuck in our darkness - our darkness will lead us into an abyss that will have us drowning. So in every circumstance we must choose hope. We must never forget that. We must always remember!

Journal Prompt:  What is your favorite HOPE quote? If you don't have one, look for one. Keep that with you -keep it at work, write it down in your journal, memorize it. So that when you are down, and there are dark days, you can go back to it and remember - that Hope is Alive!

Happy Journaling!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

End of Summer....

The summer has officially ended. I say "officially"  because today my son has gone back to school -and although it is 90 degrees outside, going back to school signals the beginning of fall and back to routine and scheduling.  This is how i define my summer ending.  It is based on the school calendar.  And just like a child who loves to be off from an academic break for the summer, as a parent, it was absolutely delicious to be able to take a break from the craziness of school and academic demands. Summer was about fun - letting him have a break of pure camp fun and days of sometimes doing nothing, and lots of ice cream! And as a parent i am somewhat grieving the end of summer. Although i had a regular working schedule and i wasn't off from work, it was nice to be able to come home and not worry about tomorrow's homework, or any school related matters or projects and enjoy the evening - whether it was our weekly night of watching Master Chef together, or playing some sort of card game together or even just enjoying the evening together and not rushing because of the big word "school."  Perhaps the sadness comes from the together time we shared and that i just played too and now part of me has to go back to a routine - not only for my sake but for his sake especially as we get back to a school calendar. There is something about summer that creates so much joy in us - and as we approach the end of it, I can't help but acknowledge the loss I am feeling.  It is like saying goodbye to a friend that we won't see for a very long time, and even though we know we will see them again, it just won't be the same without them. And that's exactly how i feel today.  Just like with everything else, feelings are like clouds floating - they too shall pass. Just like seasons change and with every new season there is beauty, i know that with fall coming and with school beginning i will begin to appreciate the uniqueness of each season -but for now, i must say summer I will miss thee! and as Dr. Seuss said, " Don't cry, because it is over, SMILE, because it happened." and yes it did happen and i'm glad for it. Thank you Summer I enjoyed you!

Journal Prompt: What do you love most about summer?

Friday, July 10, 2015

Hope and Trust

Giving up is easy. Holding on and pushing till you reach your goal or till you get things done is harder. It is easy to give up and become depressed, feel lethargic, become anxious and let things stay the way they are because you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. But if we give up, then what becomes of the life that has been gifted to us? it become futile. We become like a listless rock not moving and just stagnant.  We must find that hope or voice inside us when we are in those moments to not give up. 

As some of you know and have read my journey over the last four months with recuperating from a broken ankle, the one thing that has kept me going was me not giving up. It is called hope.  And it was hope that has helped reach to this point. It could have been very easy for me to sink into deep depression being at home on a futon not in my bedroom, unemployed and just be down in the dumps. But i chose otherwise. I decided to look at this situation as something that occured because i am meant to learn something from it. Not in a punishment sort of way, but more as something that would be good for my soul.  It pushed me to explore hope and find meaning in hope. And in finding meaning in hope, i learned to live with my ankle, become friends with the situation rather than curse it, and allow fear to work through me. Fear was high at every stage.  From the very beginning when I was not allowed to put any weight on my ankle to figuring out how to perform daily activity skills. At every stage i came to,i soon found that there was a challenge, but to every challenge  there was a solution .

I simply had to list it and be conscious of the challenge rather than obsess over it or project all my fear and worries on it. And once I was aware of it, i found that i was able to find a solution. I was able to think and create solutions that worked for me. 

When i thought that i may lose my job, i was gifted with working when i was more mobile. I started working and went to work on a knee scooter.  It is actually quite funny, because  Every body in the building knows me because of the scooter-and just as i became a witness to my recovery, the people in the elevator would also remark at the difference in my recovery. Nowadays when I walk into the building with just my boot, and i am greeted by someone in my building on the elevator, the same joy and thrill on my face that i could do this exists in them.  They cheer me and it is a wonderful feeling.  I began with a scooter, and then i progressed to driving, and then i progressed to crutches and then to full weight bearing with a walking boot. Each step expanded my parameters.

I remember the first day I was on my two feet with the crutches, -the first thing i wanted to do was go into a bakery and grab myself a croissant - such independence on my own two feet and it felt liberating.  and then again, i uttered a word of gratitude for what i used to have and took for granted and for now which is being able to be independent in a limited way.  Then i could do stairs - and that took me upstairs to my bedroom and my space after four months. It felt good to be back in my space, in my bed, and be able to walk into my closet and choose what i wanted to wear rather than live out of a suitcase. Another word of gratitude for having made it yet to this further step. 
I almost have begun to view this process from a third person almost watching myself got through each step rather than be in it.  it helps address potential anxiety or doubts that creep up that could prevent me from moving forward. 

But the one thing i have learned through this process -that no matter how bad things are, no matter how bad things can be - things always work out - maybe not in the way we imagine, but they do work out. Everything works out the way it is supposed to be -we just have to play our part right and move through the process.  There is something called Detachment -and it doesn't mean to be free of emotion or to be free of feelings - it is a process where we begin to view our situation or circumstances without being attached to the consequence - and by doing that we learn to move or dance through it rather than be in it..There is no resentment or anger to the situation.  There is acceptance.   And then there is support from the universe.  The doors begin to open for you.  It is this process that eventually does make everything work out as it is supposed to be.  And it is because of two words;  HOPE AND TRUST.

Journal Prompt:  I hope and trust that..........
(write for five minutes non stop)

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Getting back to Center

My aunt said to me yesterday evening - you haven't blogged in a while - and the first answer that came out of my mouth was "i'm busy...super busy." But it got me thinking - busy working that when I get home, the first thing  I want is to just unwind from the day and rest - writing is not the first thing that comes to my mind. And that is strange for someone who likes to journal.  Part of it is due to major changes personally and so with the body feeling tired at the end of the day, writing is not a priority.  Yet this question also reminded me of why i started this blog in the first place - because i love to write - and when work begins to interfere with your passion to write and share what's on your mind - then you know that you are heading in the wrong direction. So to that I say thank you to her for that gentle reminder.  With that said - what can one do if there fatigue, tiredness interferes with what you love to do. How can one get back to that center? Awareness is key - awareness that one may be deviating away from their center can get us back on track.  After awareness is sticking to a schedule and keeping that schedule no matter what. And once we create that, we develop a discipline of some sort - in the beginning there may be dread or some type of internal battle to get out of sticking to a schedule/commitment. It is amazing to see the tricks the mind can play on us - and if we give into the tricks of the mind we are doomed. We go back to our old habits. I read a quote today which I loved -that reflected what I had been doing on a subconscious level - it said " don't wait for that book, or that special something to write -just write and do it now. - If we keep putting it off and it could be a myriad of reasons - from tiredness to not having anything to write about to tired about writing the same thing - to who's going to read it anyway -then that moment will never come - we will always be waiting for that something special to drop right in front of us- and all this time, it is what we live on a day to day basis- our experiences, our feelings, our interactions that could be the very trigger/basis for writing. We write for us. Now this could be related to anything that we are passionate about - and for me it is writing. But anything from exercise, to meditation, to running, to painting - if we stop suddenly because life interferes with us, or "BUSYNESS" interferes with us, we lose our center. we lose our focus. And it is these very things that make us creative, kind, centered, fulfilled, confident and on track. So just like I needed my reminder, I am "paying it forward" by asking you to think about what your passion is that you may have put to the side because of "busyness" or because of "major changes" in one's life.

Journal Prompt:
Make a list of how you can bring yourself back to center.  The list is a tool for you to get back to what you love to do.  Choose one tool and stick to it regularly.

Happy Journaling!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday, May 8, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Mother's Day in the U.S. is May 10, 2015.  Some Countries celebrated it last weekend. Every where I look, I see ads on TV, and via email about getting "mom the gifts we deserve"- consumerism at its worse - and the pressure is on for the children to go out and get their mom's/ their wives/ daughter in laws, sisters, friends gifts to honor and treasure them being a mom.

My son came home last week with a notice from school saying the "school shop" is open for mother's day purchases.  At age 8, it begins where he is being taught from society, that one of the many ways that he should celebrate Mother's Day is to go out and buy her something.  Call me crazy, but I told him, that I don't want him spending money on small things that eventually will be a pile of things that I will have to either donate or recycle.  He looked at me with a look, and said " I know mom." Don't get me wrong, I value the sentiment, and it is a treasure to watch his eyes light up trying to figure out how to please me or get me something I want.  But there is something about the consumerism that I don't want him to get easily sucked into.

But then he began asking -so what do you want, what do you want.?  I had to think twice about that.  What do I want versus what do I need? Do I become the practical person or do I go with sentiment? Do I show him that these special days is not just about "a purchase" for the day, but it goes beyond that? Of course, who doesn't like getting gifts? I know for one, I do.  I did both...the sentiment and more.  The question that he posed to me which is "what do I want?" got me thinking more deeply.   Perhaps he is too young to read this, but one day, I will give it to him. In the meanwhile, here it is from my heart.....

As a mother, what is it that I truly want?
I want for you to be filled with the qualities such as love, compassion, truth, peace, and non violence.
I want you to be yourself more than anything and be true to your word.
I want your actions to speak for yourself when the world doesn't seem to understand you.
I want you to be filled with reverence for life.
I want you to respect and understand the importance of culture, tradition, and history
I want you to be able to look at things from another's perspective. You may not agree with people's actions and often they will seem unfair to you, but if you begin to develop empathy, it will help you deal with conflicts better.
I want you to laugh more, to have more joy in your life and be happy!
I want you to tell me tales of your days no matter how crazy or stupid your thoughts may seem
I want you to always love your body because when you love it, you will respect it.
I want you to love God!
I want you to always love me:) even when I deny you of certain things, or expect perfection from you at times or even when I make mistakes.
I want you to never stop hugging me even when you are 10, 16, 30, 50, etc.
I want you to be able to come to me with anything because that's what I am there for.
I want you to feel passionate about your purpose in life!
I want you to love and not be afraid of love.
I want you to make things happen for yourself, not wait till it happens.
I want you to also understand that certain things will play itself out
I want you to be able to let go and forgive
I want you to be patient with me as I get older, and all the wonderful quirks with aging!  
I want you to continue our book club because it connects me to your mind!
I want so much for you and more....
And so on this day, as much as I love what it is you will gift me, I hope you take these words and keep them with you, and try to do some of it. You see that is really a mother's happiness - to see the hard work, selflessness and time that she gives to her children so that they gain tools for life as adults. There is pride, there is pure joy on her face and it makes her be able to take a deep breathe and exhale fully ---saying...Yes it was all worth, and Yes I would do it again!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all moms, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, god mothers, and anyone who has played a mother to a child. I hope you have a beautiful day and enjoy your day thoroughly!

Journal Prompt:
Ask yourself that question: What is it that I want as a mother?

Happy Journaling!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day!

Mother Earth, you are so generous with your gifts for us to use
The sun that provides us with warmth and strength
The rivers, oceans, lakes that allow us to cool down from a hot summer day,
the rivers, oceans that provide us with water for us to drink
the mountains that allow us to revel in your grandeur and beauty from high above
And oh, such beautiful trees that provide us with shade, houses, paper, and oh so much more.
Today we pay homage to thee.  Your gifts are endless.
mankind is cruel-we take and take from you to satisfy our selfish needs.
we have created a disastrous climates, disastrous conditions because of our wants and our desires
and you continue to give your wealth, treasures, your beauty unconditionally without question.
for that is what your true nature is - Pure Love-and we see that in the glory of Nature that you have created. 
Today is your day, but everyday should be your day.  We fail to realize how precious your gifts are to us.
As I look around today, I see nothing but sunshine, greenery, crisp air, and love.
the sun is emanating your love towards us, and we must do something back in return to conserve and maintain your resources.
I myself am not free from fault, but I must make an attempt to show you how incomplete we are as human beings without you.
You are the mother of all mothers -and in your grandeur, and as your children, we must work to make this earth holy.
The land, the waters, the mountains, the parks - all spring from you as a gift to us earth children to enjoy -not to abuse -
may we realize our mistakes sooner than later so that you are not left depleted.

Journal Prompt: This is more of an action prompt - go green - make one commitment to help conserve this generous earth of ours that we take for granted.  Recycle more, conserve energy, stop littering.  If each of us gives up one habit, imagine how much we can accomplish in making our natural resources a better place -not just for us, but our children and future generations to come! Feel free to write about your action step.
Happy Journaling!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Free Writing through Quotes

Today I provide two examples of how to use quotes as a journaling prompt when you just don't feel like writing about the same thing.   I have often spoken about the beauty of quotes in its capacity as a powerful way to spark a free writing exercise. 

The first quote is by Frida Kahlo, " Feet why do I need you when I have wings to fly."  I began a free writing exercise for five minutes:

Wings, rise from the ground flying high into the sky.  I am soaring high and feel as light as  a feather. I am not sure which direction to head in but I begin to fly around in circles. I complete one circle, then another, and then a third. Three circles are completed and feel the need to soar a little higher. The completion of circles is a step towards the goal.  Everything comes in three's-and now is the time to break free from the circle and soar higher. I turn around and see a group of Blue Morpho butterflies flying by my side. They give me support as they notice that it is an effort to push to fly higher. The colors emanate healing light and give me the energy to fly further.  They seem to know where I am headed-more than I do. So I let them lead the way.  And there it is in full glory as we reach our destination.  I hear music swaying or is it the wind that is swaying to form a delightful tune. I look for a spot to rest. In front of me is a hill top covered in daffodils and tulips. I slowly bring my body to rest and sit on the top. I look to see if the butterflies are there, and they are gone.   Instead, is something else that has come to rest by my side. A hummingbird on my shoulder humming away a tune and together we begin singing into the space amongst us. Wings begin to flap and it is time for me to return home.  Yet there is so much comfort in knowing that this a spot and space I can return to again and again no matter where or what my circumstance.  All I have to do is flap my wings and fly....Blue Morpho in Flight


The next quote is by Sri Aurobindo, " Providence is also that which while all others are saved, snatches away my last plank of safety and drowns me in the solitary ocean."

I shivered when I read that quote-found it absolutely powerful -especially the last part and the image of a the plank being snatched from me all to drown in the solitary ocean.  And I think to myself -how can providence be both -good and kind. How can the same hand that delivers kindness also deliver us to a point of utter  desperation.  Perhaps so that we can learn to depend on our internal force that we have forgotten that exists. Perhaps because all too often we are so dependent on our external faculties that we forget amazing powerhouse that needs to emerge when we are on the verge of drowning.  I am so often reminded of The life of Pi - and the young boy is left with nothing in the vast ocean -except a tiger.  Here he is in the middle of an ocean with man's worse enemy -a prey to the tiger and he must learn to fend for himself.  He must learn to fight the demons in his head, the fear that is right in his face and get to his goal which is land.  Providence is like that, sometimes the journey of aloneness  is necessary to wake up from slumber.  And come to a state of surrender -that what "IS" will be. 


Take your favorite quote and do a free writing exercise with it. You may  visualize, you may create your own writing prompt or you may simply center yourself and take deep breaths and then begin writing for five minutes nonstop.  Its okay if you find yourself repeating certain themes, patterns, -maybe that's what is needed at this time, write, but do not judge.

Happy Journaling!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Thursday, March 26, 2015

As I watch the rain come down.....

It's been raining all day. The weather is damp. No sun, just super cloudy. On an ordinary day I would say - how I wish I could just curl up under the covers and rest! Sleep, read a good book and be indoors. But today is not any ordinary day. I did get my wish to come true, I am under the covers with a blanket, have my iPad, phone, music, journal and anything else that I can think of next to me.  This is just the beginning I thought to myself- I will be in a seated position for the next couple of weeks due to a broken ankle. I write not for pity. I am simply recording my thoughts and observations as I begin my healing process. Today was not  about making a choice to stay indoors - I had no other option. I wished I could go outside for a split second. But then I remembered that wistful feeling I had many days when I had to go into work and just wanted to stay put. To rest and do nothing. Today was about doing nothing- and by that I mean- no running errands, no cleaning , no going to work. It was about me sitting with myself.  Even the Internet didn't work and I had to find myself lost at moments. But again I reminded myself that how often do we get this - to just sit and be.   I found myself in prayer a lot- or meditation. I found myself listening to music. I found myself taking a nap. 
I wrote - and wrote- and in writing I observed the following:
-patience is my best friend right now
-the mind needs to pause especially if the body is running constantly 
-I am more than just this physical body-and the things I used to be conscious of are insignificant- it's okay if I can't wash my hair everyday- there are much more important things! 

Journal Prompt: 
What is it that I cannot do without? 

Happy Journaling! 

Recognizing one's Soul Group

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Dear Universe...

Dear Universe,
This morning when I woke up, I had the urge to write you a letter. 
We have met many times, we meet every day as the sun greets the sky,  as the birds begin to chirp throught the day, and as the stars bright up the sky.  
Sometimes its almost as if you read my thoughts and voila, things begin to manifest. There are serendipitous acts occuring all around us with your grace.  But then I wonder about the times when I see injustice and wonder how could we as human beings play a role in wanting to harm ourselves? I see situations where as an individual one has no control over the events occurring in our lives-
 it's almost as if we are being pushed into something unwillingly.  
And i cant help but wonder why? Maybe because we are too comfortable, 
 because we keep putting of decisions, maybe because this could be our lucky chance, maybe because this is the right time.  
As I move on this path I am not sure of the reasons. 
All I do know is I must keep moving. 
 I have heard the phrase again and again "The Universe has your back" - 
 I like that phrase because it sends a message of hope to those that are anxious, confused, in shock, and looking for answers. 

But my question to you is how do we begin to really feel it? 
How do we begin to rest in the uneasiness of the unknown, 
or see the people we love suffer, or even come  to terms that there are better things out there? 
Please don't get me wrong, the universe is a beautiful place/
 I am astonished each day by your beauty, kindness, 
unexpected acts of pure love, and generosity.
But the ugliness is what frightens me sometimes. 
The ugliness that perhaps somewhere deep deep down in my subconscious my thoughts played a big role in manifesting certain conditions. 
The crazy thing is that I don't even realize the power of my thoughts. 
I write to you not for answers, but more for signs that I must look,
out for as I tread this journey. 

Let my mind be still. Let my thoughts be pure.
 Let my actions be with integrity,and  
lastly let me never forget the vastness of who you are.  
There is a quote by Oscar Wilde - 
" We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking out at stars.,"  
I choose to look at Stars as your play unfolds 
because I have seen the many miracles that have occurred 
and I do believe in your magic.   
Yours truly - The Journal Seeker.

Journal Prompt: Write that letter that you have postponed for so long. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

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