Friday, December 5, 2014

The Wishing Ball...


Sometimes the words don’t flow easily when we want to write. We have the journal in front of us, our mind is racing, and even then, we just can’t get it out.   One rule I endorse is don’t push it, do something else so the words can flow.  Creativity and writing go hand in hand.  Here is one such example I want to share with you.   The holidays are here and we are once again trying to figure out what to get our friends, family, colleagues, etc.   I think that when we want to gift someone something, there must  be thought that goes into it.   Yes it is more work, but it is so important to really think about what it is that person needs – sometimes it is not always a materialistic thing – sometimes it is a matter of time with the person, sometimes it is  a gesture, sometimes it is something that we made, and when we put our feelings and thoughts into it, it gives life to the gift.  The receiver of the gift will always remember the thought that went into it, even after the gift has been used up.  The simple feeling of “oh, wow, that person really went out of their way to think about m-they remembered what it is that I like , they remembered my favorite  color, or they remembered I like dark chocolate or just something that makes them know that you are thinking of them.

So today, I was feeling a little stuck with my writing, my  journaling process and the turn it is taking – and instead of focusing on my stuckness, I decided to shift my focus.  For the last couple of days, I keep getting this vision in front of me of decorating glass balls for the holidays and make them into wishing balls – so I went to my favorite store, Michaels and went crazy –well let’s say I could live there.   And decided to experiment with what this small little voice inside me is telling me to do – I had never decorated a glass ball ever, I had no idea what to do and how it would turn out, but I decided to follow my gut.   I got home, it was empty – no one home, I put on some Krishna Das Music blasted, and got myself moving.  The process was intense –my hands messy, the floor messy, me trying to figure out why the pens I bought don’t work, and me wondering how I am ever going to get this glue off my hands.  The end product are photographs in this entry.  What does this have to do with gifting – it is a simple but thoughtful gift to give someone – the idea is write your wishes down on a piece of paper and put them in that glass ball and hang it as a decorative piece and keep it –knowing that one day in its own magical way your dreams will come true in the right timing and in the right way –just the way its supposed to be, but in the meanwhile just enjoy the journey.   Give it a try.  Listen to your gut, is it telling you to do something that seems childish, impossible, something you think will take a lot of time and work – do it – let it guide you because the journey of doing it is so important –it makes you believe in magic, joy, and what this season is really about.   Here are some pictures of my Wishing Ball!

Happy Journaling!

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  1. These are so beautiful. What a beautiful family tradition this can be