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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Kiss the Joy!

'All there is to do, right at this very moment, is breathe in, breathe out and kiss the joy as it flies."
- Dani Shapiro-

Kiss the joy as it flies, what beautiful imagery that comes to my mind as I visualize joy flying everywhere to different parts of the world, to loved ones dear and far, to strangers who may need a little love, to families grieving their loved ones, to children in war stricken grounds, to the sick, to all there is.   What the world needs now is more joy and joy everywhere so that it can be spread like fireflies lighting everyone it touches.   Kiss the joy with your deepest wish for your loved ones and let it fly high till it touches them.  Wish out joy and beauty to those around you and spread like wildfire because we are joy.  We are joy.  We say it ourselves, we will believe it.  And that is my wish for you all during this holiday season, that you get a kiss of joy wherever you are and spread it to the next person one and far.   We are living in a world that is filled with uncertainity, that is filled with violence, that is filled with fear.  

People act without thinking impuslively, selfishly, and recklessly not thinking about the dire consequences that their actions can have on others and the world that surrounds them.  While we may not be able to control their actions, we do have control of our thoughts and our intentions and what we choose for ourselves.   And if each one of us makes a resolution to choose intentions that are loving, kind, joyful and hopeful, we will be able to create a ripple effect which is what the world needs today.  It starts with us, and in our homes reminding  us of the goodness of life -but but not just for this season, but at least throughout the year.   There is a beautiful line from William Blake's Poem that says "But he who kisses the joy as it flies, Lives in Eternity's Sunrise."   Think of the glory of the sunrise, as the sun greets the sky with its charm, glory and beauty.  The feeling of saying good morning to that beautiful sun is pure joy, and we sit with it for a moment, and then go about our busy day.   But what if we sit with it for a moment and then breathe out joy to the world and for ourselves  before we go about the busy day.  What if? Just imagine.  
Happy Holidays One and All!

Journal Prompt: Write out your wish list for yourself, the world, your community, your friends, your family.  

Happy Journaling!

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