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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Dreams to Ring in the New Year....

Only dreams give birth to change - Sarah Ban Breathnach-

Only dreams give birth to change
for without dreams we would be nowhere
we would not learn the things we are destined to do
Do you see how far you have come?
Do you see the distances that you have crossed? 
That is what dreams do -they make things happen.
But for that we must write out our dreams
one by one, two by two, three by three
write them down, blow life into them, and believe.
Believe in the beauty of this new day. 
Dwell in the silence of your dreams. 
And Give birth to them. 

The new year has dawned before us once again
to give us hope, to give us strength
that we have yet another chance
another chance at love,
another chance in forgiveness
another chance in humility
another chance in letting go
another chance to try once again
another chance in dreaming things that may seem unreachable.

The new year comes with a message that the circle of life must continue
yet the current that weaves the circle must be stronger. 
We must breathe love into the circle.
The New Year is yet another day to begin the first day of our lives
with a clean slate, brand new, to let go of the old and hope only for the good. 

There may be mistakes, there may be treading through the unknown, there may be uncertainity of the future. 

But what I know for sure is I am alive, I have survived and will move into this year with audacity and faith.  

 Luj├ín Fraix : noviembre 2011
Journaling Prompt:   The New Year is here.  Create your own affirmation for the year to use for 2015.  Think of words that come to your mind, feelings, images that come to your mind as you think of the New Year.  

Happy New Year and Happy Journaling!


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