Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Dreams to Ring in the New Year....

Only dreams give birth to change - Sarah Ban Breathnach-

Only dreams give birth to change
for without dreams we would be nowhere
we would not learn the things we are destined to do
Do you see how far you have come?
Do you see the distances that you have crossed? 
That is what dreams do -they make things happen.
But for that we must write out our dreams
one by one, two by two, three by three
write them down, blow life into them, and believe.
Believe in the beauty of this new day. 
Dwell in the silence of your dreams. 
And Give birth to them. 

The new year has dawned before us once again
to give us hope, to give us strength
that we have yet another chance
another chance at love,
another chance in forgiveness
another chance in humility
another chance in letting go
another chance to try once again
another chance in dreaming things that may seem unreachable.

The new year comes with a message that the circle of life must continue
yet the current that weaves the circle must be stronger. 
We must breathe love into the circle.
The New Year is yet another day to begin the first day of our lives
with a clean slate, brand new, to let go of the old and hope only for the good. 

There may be mistakes, there may be treading through the unknown, there may be uncertainity of the future. 

But what I know for sure is I am alive, I have survived and will move into this year with audacity and faith.  

 Luj├ín Fraix : noviembre 2011
Journaling Prompt:   The New Year is here.  Create your own affirmation for the year to use for 2015.  Think of words that come to your mind, feelings, images that come to your mind as you think of the New Year.  

Happy New Year and Happy Journaling!


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Kiss the Joy!

'All there is to do, right at this very moment, is breathe in, breathe out and kiss the joy as it flies."
- Dani Shapiro-

Kiss the joy as it flies, what beautiful imagery that comes to my mind as I visualize joy flying everywhere to different parts of the world, to loved ones dear and far, to strangers who may need a little love, to families grieving their loved ones, to children in war stricken grounds, to the sick, to all there is.   What the world needs now is more joy and joy everywhere so that it can be spread like fireflies lighting everyone it touches.   Kiss the joy with your deepest wish for your loved ones and let it fly high till it touches them.  Wish out joy and beauty to those around you and spread like wildfire because we are joy.  We are joy.  We say it ourselves, we will believe it.  And that is my wish for you all during this holiday season, that you get a kiss of joy wherever you are and spread it to the next person one and far.   We are living in a world that is filled with uncertainity, that is filled with violence, that is filled with fear.  

People act without thinking impuslively, selfishly, and recklessly not thinking about the dire consequences that their actions can have on others and the world that surrounds them.  While we may not be able to control their actions, we do have control of our thoughts and our intentions and what we choose for ourselves.   And if each one of us makes a resolution to choose intentions that are loving, kind, joyful and hopeful, we will be able to create a ripple effect which is what the world needs today.  It starts with us, and in our homes reminding  us of the goodness of life -but but not just for this season, but at least throughout the year.   There is a beautiful line from William Blake's Poem that says "But he who kisses the joy as it flies, Lives in Eternity's Sunrise."   Think of the glory of the sunrise, as the sun greets the sky with its charm, glory and beauty.  The feeling of saying good morning to that beautiful sun is pure joy, and we sit with it for a moment, and then go about our busy day.   But what if we sit with it for a moment and then breathe out joy to the world and for ourselves  before we go about the busy day.  What if? Just imagine.  
Happy Holidays One and All!

Journal Prompt: Write out your wish list for yourself, the world, your community, your friends, your family.  

Happy Journaling!

Friday, December 5, 2014

The Wishing Ball...


Sometimes the words don’t flow easily when we want to write. We have the journal in front of us, our mind is racing, and even then, we just can’t get it out.   One rule I endorse is don’t push it, do something else so the words can flow.  Creativity and writing go hand in hand.  Here is one such example I want to share with you.   The holidays are here and we are once again trying to figure out what to get our friends, family, colleagues, etc.   I think that when we want to gift someone something, there must  be thought that goes into it.   Yes it is more work, but it is so important to really think about what it is that person needs – sometimes it is not always a materialistic thing – sometimes it is a matter of time with the person, sometimes it is  a gesture, sometimes it is something that we made, and when we put our feelings and thoughts into it, it gives life to the gift.  The receiver of the gift will always remember the thought that went into it, even after the gift has been used up.  The simple feeling of “oh, wow, that person really went out of their way to think about m-they remembered what it is that I like , they remembered my favorite  color, or they remembered I like dark chocolate or just something that makes them know that you are thinking of them.

So today, I was feeling a little stuck with my writing, my  journaling process and the turn it is taking – and instead of focusing on my stuckness, I decided to shift my focus.  For the last couple of days, I keep getting this vision in front of me of decorating glass balls for the holidays and make them into wishing balls – so I went to my favorite store, Michaels and went crazy –well let’s say I could live there.   And decided to experiment with what this small little voice inside me is telling me to do – I had never decorated a glass ball ever, I had no idea what to do and how it would turn out, but I decided to follow my gut.   I got home, it was empty – no one home, I put on some Krishna Das Music blasted, and got myself moving.  The process was intense –my hands messy, the floor messy, me trying to figure out why the pens I bought don’t work, and me wondering how I am ever going to get this glue off my hands.  The end product are photographs in this entry.  What does this have to do with gifting – it is a simple but thoughtful gift to give someone – the idea is write your wishes down on a piece of paper and put them in that glass ball and hang it as a decorative piece and keep it –knowing that one day in its own magical way your dreams will come true in the right timing and in the right way –just the way its supposed to be, but in the meanwhile just enjoy the journey.   Give it a try.  Listen to your gut, is it telling you to do something that seems childish, impossible, something you think will take a lot of time and work – do it – let it guide you because the journey of doing it is so important –it makes you believe in magic, joy, and what this season is really about.   Here are some pictures of my Wishing Ball!

Happy Journaling!