Sunday, November 30, 2014

Give The Gift of Journaling this Holiday Season....

Give the Gift of Writing to others during this Holiday Season.
Writing your thoughts can help you reflect and get a more objective look at things.  Your journal can help improve your self-talk and it can help remind you what you think is important.  It can also help you declutter your emotions and your mind.    As Oprah Winfrey said, “I not only want to fulfill the mission of my purpose this trip to the Planet Earth, I want to do it consciously—so that I can revel in its splendor.”  Writing in a journal can help you accomplish that.  
Journal Seeker Gift Certificates are now available for your friends and loved ones.

Pick from 1 hour Journaling Session to a series of sessions cultivated to your own special needs.   Some examples:  Keeping a Gratitude Journal, De-clutter my Life and Journaling,  Food, Mood and Journaling,  Poetry and Journaling,  Creating more Mindfulness through Journaling, or it could be something as simple as Jumpstart to Journaling.   

Journaling is a great tool for children 8 and above because it teaches them tools to listen to their voices and a deepened love for writing.  

Sessions can be done via email/phone or in person.  
Gift Certificates start at $25, $50, $75 and $100
Included is your own special notebook, journaling prompts for optimum wellness, creativity and mindfulness.  
Email: for more information or call at 201-658-3829.

In service,
Anjali Mani 


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