Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Some more Journaling Prompts.....

I've been on and off dabbling with this 30 Day Digital Journaling Prompts - where you receive a daily journaling prompt and instead of writing by hand, use the computer to do so.  I have to say, i love writing by hand, there is nothing like it.  This has been an interesting experiment and I share with you a couple of my favorite Journaling Prompts that I have used.

Journal Prompt by Jackee Holder which is taken from a line in a film called The Magic of Belle Isle that says " Look out there and tell me what's not there...and then write about it."  Here is my response:

I see colors, I see trees, I see fall foliage when I look out there, but what I don’t see is the maker behind this.  The maker, the creator who’s hand is unseen in all our doings –what form are you? Where are you?  I don’t see you, but I feel like I know.  I don’t hear you, but I feel like I hear you.  Your presence carries itself in an invisible aura and I wonder will I ever get a glimpse of you.  What I don’t see is the invisible helpers that pave our ways to make our path easier.   Out of nowhere, a prayer will be answered, out of nowhere, a phone call, out of nowhere a beautiful letter, and underneath it all I don’t see you who make it happen.  I do see the imprint of your work in my heart. I do see the messages you send to me through the universe.  I do see the beauty behind your work.  But what I don’t see is how you get it all done.  Sometimes you know what I want even if I don’t say it.  What’s not there is the physical presence which we need sometimes to make sense of things.  But then that’s the beauty in this, isn’t it – the beauty is being able to see make the invisible visible and you do that through your work.

Journal Prompt by Mari L. McCarthy, author of " 136 Free Journal Prompts." 
Find your favorite FOUR LETTER F word - something postive - i know where our heads go with this:)  Type that word up after you've dated your entry, then listen and write whatever your journal has to say:

My response:  FEEL.

Feel the sun on your back. Feel every emotion in your body and breathe it out.  Feel the desire to fly.  Feel everything because to not feel denies yourself the emotions that are stored in your body.  We store everything and we are not aware of how much accumulates in us.   We store our feelings of love- they spread everywhere –to our heart and when our heart feels good, we begin to feel good about ourselves.   Feel the anger and let it be processed.  Feel it, breathe it out and exhale.  Feel the anxiety, breathe it, and let it out with a big HA.   Feel what you need to feel because when you don’t you become numb.  You begin to freeze.  Your feelings are the mirror to your state of mind and when you begin to be aware of your feelings you begin to be free.   When you store your feelings and put them away you make room for more storage.  Feel what you need to feel and let it all go.  It is only a feeling – does it belong to you – no, it doesn’t.   It comes from you, but it does not need to stay in you – it needs  to leave you. 

Enjoy and play around with them...

Happy Journaling!

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