Thursday, October 16, 2014

Show up!

"Show up, Show Up, and after a while, the muse shows up too. - a quote by Isabelle Allende.
I love this quote.   When I read it, what I get from it is that no matter what I am doing - if I stick to it, eventually I will see results.   It means to me having patience with myself -because there will be setbacks, there will be no shows, there will be obstacles to overcome - sometimes the muse is just not ready until it has seen me stick to it and still not give up on the goal.  Whatever it may be - a goal, a project, a hobby, a passion, a friend, a family member - the key is to keep showing up for yourself.   What does that mean?  I show up because I care.  I show up because by showing up, i am giving myself permission to do more of what I love.  I show up because it means making a commitment to me, to the issue, to whatever it is that i must show up to.   I show up because it is worth the investment. 
It is similar to a child who may understand when you are not able to make it to a  performance, or to an event that means something to him/her, but when you do show up, their eyes light up -and it means the world to them.  So it is a matter of presence and what your presence means to them.  That same presence is equally important for you - you need to create presence for yourself.  By making way for my presence, I create space and permission to be the muse even if it is for five minutes. 
I talk about showing up because showing up means taking risks with yourself - even if you fall, you still are there being present, taking a stand and doing something that is important for you.  
We all need to find that something we want to show up to - we may not know what it is, but it is important to explore what it is.  We all need to find that inner spark that wants us to show up again and again - and when we find it, we don't want to turn back.  We have tasted it, -like nectar it is sweet, tasty, and sumptous.  It has invaded our system and it is in us as much as around us.  And once we have had a glimpse of it, we want to continue to go back to that again and again.  And by doing that, we become closer to who we are.   And we know our path may be extremely rocky, we know that we have no clue where it will take us, but because we know with our gut that this is what we want, we continue to follow it, until it finally comes to us.  It may take ages before that happens, but we must never lose sight of that vision.  
So today, take a moment to ask yourself -what do I need to show up to in my life?  Where is the muse that I am looking for? Am I showing up for me?   Write about it. 
Begin with:  Where am I at this juncture of my life?

Happy Journaling!

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