Friday, October 10, 2014

Poetry and our words...

I love poetry - and often will dabble - below are some that have been special to me.   The first is about The Banyan Tree on my recent travel to India.  I have never seen trees this beautiful and with such presence.   The second is based on a poem by William Stafford called Ask Me.  I took one line from the poem and began writing.  Poetry works well with the senses and can sometimes tap places in you that bring out the creative side and healing side. 

Under the Banyan Tree
I take shelter under this tree
Thou that sheltered us for over a hundred years
Your branches are like swings ready to sweep us into the air
We feel the cool breeze of the wind with your branches
We fly high into the sky with your branches
And then we rest on your roots, your base.
We feel the strength of your being as we lay our head against the trunk of your tree
Ready to take us in and envelop us with your grace
Ready to take us with your magnificence which only you can comprehend
We all flock to you - children, pilgrims, elderly, sick, the birds you name it.
Your giving has no bounds - in your leaves there is healing
Thousands of traditions look to you for healing
And yet I wonder how do you stand strong and tall for 100 years?
In your age, you carry beauty, you carry wisdom.
And in each of you there is a story.
We know not what it is, but as I approach you, your mere presence exudes peace.
Peace in Knowing that this too shall pass and we will still be here, and we will be okay. 
Just like You. 

The Difference
Ask me what difference their stongest love or hate has made.
Ask me if their love was greater than their hate.
Ask me if I want to hate as much as I want to love.
Ask me if the hurt pushes me to want to give of myself more.
Is it joy of being able to see myself in your eyes?  In your worlds?
That gets me to see beyond the eye.
Ask me and I shall say to give of yourself to all.
There is wisdom in hurt.
They teach you to grow.
They teach you to forgive
There is beauty in love.
Opposites and Contrasts.
Ask me again and again
And I shall ask you - What Difference has love or hurt made in your life?

Happy Journaling!

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