Thursday, September 11, 2014

Into the clouds...

" For all the loss and tragedy I have known, my life has taught me that the human spirit like the lifted hands of the blind, will rise above chaos and destruction, as wings in flight."  - Vaddey Ratner-

We have risen above the chaos
yet in each of us there is a void
a question that we will never know which is "why"
As I wake up this morning,
i say a prayer, a prayer for peace, a prayer for the families
and a prayer to get through this day with hope
memories come and i slowly push them away
the air is thick, the sky is dark,
i know the sun will shine
i just don't see it yet.
we stand together to pay respect to those who fought for us
we stand together for those families who like the blind have risen above the chaos
we stand together for us as a nation to be united
the violence must stop
the fighting must stop
understanding must prevail
egos must bend
love must be the final resolution
today is not just about a nation's tragedy
it is a tragedy of the human spirit
the spirit says to go on and push beyond
to rise and fly high
into the clouds and in the sun with hope for a better tomorrow!

Happy Journaling!

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