Thursday, September 18, 2014

2nd Grade...Time Flies...

My son has started 2nd Grade.  It finally sunk in when I attended Back To School Night this past tuesday.  He is growing.  A real person, a thinking machine, and becoming someone of his own.
The only thing that crossed my mind - is this is too fast - he grew fast. 
Its funny - as adults we spend so much time teaching our children the things that they need to know in order to be responsible and be able to survive in the world - in that process they begin to grow up.  But when we realize that they have grown up - we wonder - how and why did time have to fly so fast? 
I don't know how the time has flown, but as I walked out the door i thought to myself  - i must make every minute that I have with him count.   There is so much that he is processing, inputing as he is in school and he comes home and is full of energy and zest - and I wish I could record every single moment because this age only comes one.   These moments don't come back again and If i have a difficult time realizing that he is in second grade, I will have more of a difficult time when I blink my eyes and he turns "13."  So instead of projecting the future, I must truly live in the moment. 

It is so difficult when you wake up in the morning and you have a 1001 things to do before you get out the door and you know that your anxiety, your craziness is not what they need at that moment, but you just can't help yourself.  How does one move beyond that and still be able to stay present?  And I have come to the conclusion that this is just more practice.  The more I say to myself that I want to stay present with him especially in the mornings and epecially in the nights which is the only time i have with him these days - the more I will get closer to this practice. 
The key is realizing that there is a new day again where you can begin anew because children are resilient.  
But The universe does hear you when you speak and this is how it has heard me:
His teacher has asked that we share a parent -child journal.  Imagine my delight and his delight when he came home on friday and said to me - "Mommy, I wrote something for you, and you get to write back."  I actually get to share a journal with him - and we get to share the whole year together.  Its priceless. 
And another message from the universe:   A meditation to get me settled before i start my day - by meghannathanson, Mindful Mothering.   I provide you with a passage from her meditation that stayed with me:
"I breathe deeply again now experiencing the steady rhythm of all that is happening inside of my mind, of all that is happening inside of my chest and all around the rest of my beautiful being. I am grateful and know that I may bring myself to balance again and again throughout my day. In this moment, I imagine my body as a sturdy and flowing tree. Through the soles of my feet, healthy, winding roots begin making their way into the earth grounding me into my perfect balance. Through the crown of my head I grow tall and expansive. I am both strong and fluid. I release this image and come back now into my heart center and feel expansive with love. Here I am. And here is my day before me. I have things to do and places to be. I have children who need me. And others, too. Breathing deeply I know that I will find a pace for my words and actions that allows me to meet each moment in my day with grace and presence. I know that my life has meaning, sometimes even in the smallest of actions. I know that I have time. There is plenty of time. I will cultivate this feeling of expansive space in my home today and treat my children with gentleness. I will hear their words. I will smile at them and invite their thoughts into my heart. All that they are will be safe and respected with me To my ultimate joy."

And that's how I leave it - knowing that there will always be things to do and places to be, there will always be those that need me, and that despite all this I do have all the time in world.  It is there if i pace myself- and as I pace myself, I can be more present with him -myself and those around me. 

Happy Journaling!!

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