Thursday, July 24, 2014


Ever feel like you are running out of energy but you have to keep going? This week has been one of those weeks.  I have five million things in my mind that i need to do and as much as i try to pace myself, i find myself losing energy everytime i check off one more thing on my to do list.   Others would call it time managment. But when the body can't keep up then you know that you are racing faster than what you should be and it is time to slow down.   I did a workshop last week, in which the question that was posed was in regard to free writing -and wanting to write down everything that your mind is saying needs to be written on paper, but your hand does not write fast enough - and how does one balance that.  It is almost as if one is flooded with ideas non stop and you want to  get it all down before you forget. But you can't move your hand fast enough.   Today feels like that.  It feels like i am trying to get it all done without taking that breath.  But it is the breath that sustains me. 
So too -  writing with a stream of consciousness - the writing is to develop the practice of slowing down and writing mindfully as opposed to running with your mind.   The mind has a habit of making us run and when we run we get breathless, tired, and confused.  Often we lack clarity. 
So the technique is to breathe and learn to listen to the heart.  A meditative practice and a reminder to myself again and again that if it can't get done today - then it will be done tomorrow.  Another lesson is prioritizing -and staying focused on the present moment.  Asking myself constanty "what is it that i need to do now?" "what is it that i need to do at this present moment.?"   "what is it that i need to listen to more often."   And that is exactly how i decided to go through each day.   Instead of letting all the things that is on my to do list for this week and next week and next month flood me - i took a deep breathe and let it out and asked myself these questions - and slowly but surely, i felt a sense of energy being slowly restored.  Clarity opening up my vision and a feeling ok in that moment.  

Journaling Prompt:
Ask yourself this question:  What is it that I need at this moment? What is it that I need to focus on at this moment?
Write for fifteen minutes nonstop. 

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