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Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Rain....

It is raining outside.  I hear the pitter patter of the rain drops gently land onto the ground.  Cars are swishing by as the world gets tready for a brand new day.  No one knows what is in store for today.  NO one knows what is going to happen today.  We set out with agendas, we set out with an intention.  yet we must also be prepared for unexpected detours, changes, ways.   The only thing that we are conscious of at this moment is our state of mind and our hearts.  Our minds control the way we perceive things and our hearts give us the capacity to love and understand things.  Both are needed hand in hand to work together so that our soul is at peace.  When one is in discord with the other, unhappiness prevails, worries prevail and pain prevails.  So as we begin to approach this day, let us keep that in mind.   No one can take away from you your worth and what is essentially you - ask yourself.  What makes you?  What is your most inner truth/  stay firm to that inner truth when all others may abandon it.  That is what loyalty is - loyalty to your inner/higher self that needs to stay firmly planted on the ground.  Stay close to that inner truth because it is the guiding light as you make your way through darkness.  That inner truth is what is you.  IT gives you the capacity to shine.  Sometimes deep silence and withdrawal is needed in order for the inner truth to shine.   Sometimes deep darkness needs to befall us so that inner truth to glow brightly.  And when it comes forth, let it do so naturally.  Let it be your anchor, your breath and your being.  Then No one and and noboday can take anything from you - because everything that you need is within you already. 

Journal Prompt:  The Rain comes gushing down .......

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