Thursday, May 29, 2014

R & R

Re-treat:  the act of withdrawing or moving back.   It is absolutely necessary for us as human beings if given the opportunity to give ourselves the gift of going inward or retreating.   Just like a bear hiberantes during the winter, and is ready for spring with full energy, we too as human beings need to give ourselves that time to reflect, renew and rest.  This past weekend I had a wonderful opportunity of spending time at a retreat.   This was my time for centering, reflection, silence, and reconnecting for me with the Divine.  Ironically i did not pick up my journal during these three/four days.  I wanted to be immersed in things and just allow myself to fully be present without reflection.   As a side note,  a retreat does not always need to be spiritually based - if that is not your inclination, but for me it consists of reconnecting with the divine energy.  In fact, one of the realizations I had was that sometimes, instead of actually going away physically, the weekends are a form of retreat from normalcy and that i must make a commitment with myself to give time every couple of months of going inward - it doesn' t have to be expensive, it can be in the comfort of my own home - but i create the space and time for it. 
There were several messages that came to me that i have been pondering over the last couple of months - and little did i know that i would get some answers.   One is that of my true purpose in life - i used to think that my career is equivalent to defining what my true purpose in life was - i used to believe that if i have chosen this career path then i must be living in alignment with my true purpose.   But over time, I have come to see that my job is not necessarily my true calling - it is simply a means to making an income -and while it is important to enjoy where we work, we don't necessarily need to identify that as our true calling. 
Taking it one step further, I needed to ask myself that question - who am I? What makes me? What is it that gives me joy? What is it that gives me a sense of purpose? Where do i find true happiness?  What is it that drives me -that gives me passion?  What are my ideals? Asking myself these questions helps me live in accordance with my true purpose - and so regardless of where i may work, i must not forget what it is that drives me and gives meaning to my reason for living.   And ironically, one of the main themes of the retreat was recognizing your true purpose - that being born as a human being is truly a gift and we must not let it to waste - and must use our time wisely.  

I leave you with two journal prompt that I have used over and over again;

1.I give myself a retreat in order to_________________________
2. close your eyes and picture your ideal retreat setting.  Where are you? What is the natural setting? by the ocean? in the woods? Mountains? Who are you with?  What are you doing?  Visualize it. Take a couple of minutes to see yourself there.   Now write for about 5 minutes nonstop.

Happy Journaling!

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