Sunday, April 13, 2014


They say marriages are made in heaven.   I say that they may be made in heaven, but it is up to the two individuals to really make it work.  Sometimes relationships/marriages last a lifetime, sometimes they don't.  I am not here to judge the reasons of it and say whether it is right or wrong.  What I do know about marriages is what my parents taught me - and today i say thank you to them for showing me the meaning of love.  Love is unconditional and that is what they taught us as we watched them interact with one another.   Yes, like any normal couple they had their disagreements, their ups and downs, but because both of them strongly believed in their love for one another, they knew they had to make it work.  That was their common ground - they both knew they loved each other.  Knowing that, everytime an obstacle came their way, it was their love for each other that made them see through it.  IT was not about "me" or "you."  It was about "we, us" and with that view point they grew together in harmony and in their relationship.   They were opposites, but their souls had them locked together and because each of them on some level knew that, they worked on developing themselves so that they could be better partners for each other.   For me conflict was not seen as something that was negative, but as something that strengthened their relationship further.  Their personalities were total opposites.   And despite that they managed to survive, and learn to be independent individuals but at the same time "together."  -growing up i saw them fight like any normal couple, but i saw them laugh, i saw them forgive, i saw them pray togther, and i saw them try to understand each other even if they did not agre, and i saw them dance.   No matter what their differences, what brought them together was their love - and knowing that, they decided to make it work through thick and thin.  We saw them as two individuals who really loved each other rather than just our parents.  April 14th would have been 43 years that they would have been married.   A reminder to me about the meaning of commitment and love -and that it can truly withstand all storms if we have a will to do it.  And that patience can take you a long way. 

A Journal Prompt for you:  Our Love is..... (write for five minutes)

Remember a special moment in your relationship, or an event in your relationship.   Now write about it as if it is in the present - describe every detail, sense, smell, feeling - allow yourself to relive that moment through writing.  

Happy Journaling!


  1. Yes. They taught us a LOT. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. This is perfect for someone i know, i just forwarded. Thank you