Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The flower of the night.

April is the month of poetry. I have been using various prompts to dabble In poetry.  From Haikus, to Six word Memoirs, to taking one line from a favorite poem and running with has been fun. I have also used this month to share and encourage my son to write poems. We pick a word and write a  four line poem. 
Keeping a poetry journal with all these various prompts can stretch you and keep you wanting to do more and more....

I leave you with this- 

Let the last touch of your hands be gentle like the the flower of the night.
Let your words be soft and gentle like the breeze of the wind
Let me be able to look at you one more time 
So I can say my words to you
Let my love for you forever be strong
Let there be more grace in my life 
For your protection has always been my force
The flower of the night has been laid to rest
But my soul aches to smell it's fragrance
My eyes long to see the lamp that light your heart
I take these last words to you
And bow to you till eternity.
Your love has brought me this far 
It will lead me again.
I continue on this path knowing
Your fragrance always surrounding my air
So this is not adieu
But rather a parting of some sort
Till we meet again.

Happy journaling!

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