Thursday, March 13, 2014


It is rare to come across good leadership these days.  Some may take this as a generalized statement but all I can say to that is this statement is based  on my personal observations and experiences with engaging with leaders throughout my career and personal life. A leader can make or break an organization, family, program. Leadership takes courage and humility.  A leader must remebember that absolute power can corrupt absolutely- and always do an internal check with where you are at with regard to power

At some point in our lives we will be given an opportunity to play a leadership role.  It may not be a president of a company, but it will be an opportunity for you to display the skills that make you shine.  It could be training skills, it could be a teaching skill, it could be a supervisor, it could be a mentor...whatever it may be- we are making a difference in shaping someones life...and i hope that if you are in any of these positions- you realize the impact you give.  Therefore it is important to keep a journal as a check-in to make sure you are on the right track.

When you do find that good leader, he/she makes an imprint in your heart that you can never forget.  A true leader is able to look at the darkest problem and still give it light.  A true leader can bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds and still be a able to find some commonality between them.  Engagement is key and the manner in which a leader is able to make each person feel important says something about that leader.  A true leader introduces you to  new things which may seem strange n the beginning because it is not familiar, but when you try it, you are grateful for that experience. A true leader leads with compassion- for it is only by being able to understand and be compassionate that you are able to create change and shape policy. A true lead is intuitive. A true leader always bear gifts...never expecting anything in return-

A true leader is insightful and always looking to better themselves. And last but not least never stop learning...  
What does leadership mean to you? How can you be a better leader? What is it that  your leader needs to do more of? And last but not least if you can't find good leadership, How can you look inside yourself for that guidance. We all have it...we just don't use it. Ask yourself that question? What do i need? Why do i not allow myself to shine?  Look for words of inspiration to get you to move, look to your support system to stand tall, and then you will see a leader that is born in you.

Happy journaling!

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