Monday, February 24, 2014

Travel Journal...

lamps lamps everywhere
I just came back from a 6 day trip to Istanbul, Turkey with my husband and son. A city that has been on my bucket list of places to see.  It is a city that is filled with history, culture, art,food, music and beauty.  It is a city that has heart. The people are friendly, and that made the visit even more enjoyable.   I felt at home even if i didn't speak the language. I loved waking up to the sound of the prayer calls.  I even loved hearing it five times a day...a continuous reminder that  no matter where you Are or what you are doing, we must remember God.  For someone who is always driving, as much as my feet ached at the end of the day, walking never felt so good as it did because I was discovering something new every moment.  My mouth dropped in amazement to see the architecture that still stood strong and was more than 500 yeas old.  For someone who loves food, this was a food lovers paradise...the display of sweets, spices, breads, teas, coffees, juices, in every corner you walked was dvine.  We were in a city that was surrounded by hills and water, the famous bosphorous river....and if you crossed the river, you were in Asia..a city that was between two continents.  The best part of this was i was able to share this with my two favorite men- my husband and my son.   I wanted to capture every moment through pictures and so the idea of creating a photo book is next in line. A vacation is best often captured with pictures. .  A souvenir for myself that I know I will treasure Lifetime. I leave you with some pictures that give you a glimpse into the beauty of this glorious city....
inside The Blue Mosque

view of The Bosphorous River

Blue Mosque Ceiling

spice market

View of the Old City

Sweet Shop

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