Wednesday, November 13, 2013

You are never Alone!

I read something the other day that keeps following me wherever I go : "Never doubt for a moment that you are ever alone. There is a universal force, God, guides, angels, invisible helpers and visible helpers that make themselves available to you during your moment of need - and even in non-needy moments."  The trick is to believe and allow that help to come your way - because they are there with you all the time. 

Whatever your belief system is , I ask you to drop all judgement at this time and preconceived notions of what you think is right or wrong - and think of times when unexpectedly help has come your way - or you feel surrounded by protection -or a kind stranger has given you something to ponder about,  or you just truly feel blessed.  Think of the feeling you had at that moment - whether it be shock, in awe, dumbstruck - whatever it was - go back to that feeling not so that try to gain understanding of why or how it happened, but moreso to remember that "you are never really alone."   Hold onto that feeling and let it become larger and larger until you breath it.  

That feeling of aloneness can make you numb - can paralyze you and create such boundaries around you that in the long run can have devastating effects on you emotionally.  But if we shift that perspective and truly begin to feel that there is a protective cloud around us - that our needs are always provided at the right moment - that everyone in some way or the other that has been in our life has helped us move forward in life - then that loneliness feeling will slowly fade.  There is an inner strength that emerges from our soul that allows us to walk with our head up high and feel secure.  Then the questions of survival and security - our basic living needs are satiated because we have our roots firmly planted in that.

And if it is difficult for you to inculcate that feeling of an invisible helper, then think of all the people that have helped you become the person you are today - Have you changed in some way or the other for the better? Make a note of who they are and note down what they have thought you.   Take this a step further - note down even the ones whom you consider have been destructive to you - that have triggered things in you - whether they are in your life now or not - think of the impact and how their presence in your life has helped you for the better.  All these individuals that appear in your life are visible helpers - are there to mold you, make you like gold - and help you become the person you are supposed to be. 

And if that isn't enough - then I ask you turn to nature - and that will always remind you that you are never alone.  The sun rise - with its scorching rays- giving light to us when we are about to go forth through our day - take a look at the sun rise - and see the beauty in which it rises.  Take a look at the sun set - and just bask in awe at the beauty of the various color combinations that make the sky look so perfect - Take a look at the moon - in the night surrounded by stars-so clear, so calm, so still - a beautiful blanket for our eyes to see.  And for those that live in the U.S. - the folliage this year has been absolutely breathtaking - that is nature asking us to spend a moment with it and appreciate the beauty it is sharing with us for our eyes.  Everytime you feel alone, I ask you to look at the sun setting, I ask you to go by the water/beach, I ask you to just spend some time with nature - and you will feel complete.  

Journal Prompt:
Take a couple of deep breaths.  Feel Relaxed, and Go back to a moment in your life where you truly felt helped by an invisible helper or visible helper.  Now I want you to describe that moment- think of the time, the day. Think of the feelings, think of what you were wearing, if you were eating or in your car, or at home.  Feel the moment and relive the feelings of that moment and then write about it.   Your entry is a detailed entry of that moment !

Happy Journaling!

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