Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Light Light Every Where!

2013-11-02-Diwali_Diya.jpgThis Past weekend, I celebrated the Hindu New Year, called Diwali, or Deepavali!  Which in sanskrit translates to "Row of Lights."   So as much as lighting candles can be a fire hazard, it is taken to its maximum level on this day.  Houses are filled with tealights or earthen clay pots called "diyas" and on the night of Diwali, you will see rows of lit candles.   There is a famous Hindu prayer, that translates "From Darkness lead me into light" -and in many essence that is what Diwali is.  It is our way of saying good bye to whatever darkness that may have happened in our lives during the past year, and welcome it with light, light, light everywhere.   Symbolic in its meaning, but rituals are played to display the symbolic meanings.   The rituals of lighting the candle for peace, for love, for wisdom, for unity - the rituals of wearing new clothes, of cleaning our house and get rid of all the clutter, the ritual of visiting /calling/wishing loved ones and family so that the light can be spread to them too.  
It is my favorite festival because it gives me a new chance with a new beginning.  It allows me to let go of the past without any regret, resentment and blame - and look forward to a new year filled with positive resolutions, and filled with love.    It is also the day where we are reminded that the lamps of light we burn in our homes, is also the light of god that we need to light in our heart.  However you may consider God, and the relationship you have with God - the light is symbolic of the qualities you believe are characteristic of God.  And for me - Diwali is about living up to that ideal.  Whatever the case may be - even if you feel you may have failed in one way or the other, even if you may have caused someone pain in one way or the other, even if you have been wronged more than one way or the other - And that's what Diwali is - an opportunity and the chance to change - to be new again.  We are given that chance again and again every year - and when the new year comes, we need to remind ourselves of that goal. 

Serene Tea Light Candles Stock Images - Image: 343114What does "light" mean to you?  When you light a candle, think of the feelings that are associated with that- do you feel happy, warm, peaceful, romantic? Those are all positive feelings -and if you think about it, a candle has that ability to make you feel that way.  Nowadays, you have scented candles and with the aromatherapy, it gives you a deeper sense of upliftment.   Think of how you feel when you enter a spa - that is lit with candles - allow yourself to be aware of those feelings/sensation in your body.   That is the power of LIGHT!!!!!!! It can lead you to a brighter side of you.  

Journal Prompt for you today:
Close your eyes,  Imagine there is a flame burning in the center of your heart.   Allow that flame to grow larger and larger - Begin to feel the warmth of the flame.   That flame is you .  That flame is Love multiplied 10 times and more.  
1.  Now open your eyes and for five minutes write:
The light in me  ______________________

Happy Journaling!

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