Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Think of some event in your life, something, someone, an issue that keep popping up.  Think of the hard work that you have made to move on with the issue.   Maybe you have spent time in therapy talking about the need to let go of the issue, maybe you have written in detail about it, maybe you have worked your way through prayer and meditation to put it past you, and last but not least, maybe you have engaged in a creative outlet to process this.  You feel like you are doing really well, and then BAM - something, someone triggers something in you and the same emotions of anger, resentment, hurt, anxiety all start resurfacing and you just don't know what to do with yourself.  

You begin to question yourself - and perhaps the way in which you let yourself heal.  You feel consumed with these emotions and you need to find another outlet or possibly the same outlet- to process it all over again.  And then the eternal burning question that you would not dare ask aloud is "WHY?" "WHY?" .....the answers are not there initially.  You begin to put the blame on the one you think is hurting you, or on society, or on an organization, or on circumstances - but do you question your role in this? Do you ask yourself - what about me - am i simply a victim in this or do i have a choice? The answer is - "YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE."   And that's true, you always have a choice but do you exercise that choice, or do you go back to your old patterns and old ways. 

We may ask 'WHY" and if we stop and listen to our higher self, we will find the answer - we may not like the answer, and so we may doubt the answer and question the answer - but the truth will not change.   "IT is WHAT IT IS." And we have to come to terms with it.   And then we realize - that the reason we get triggered, is because we have not truly let go of the person, the issue, the emotion, the event, -whatever it is that we feel in our mind that has done us harm.   

Letting go is a continous process - it is not a one stop shop -life constantly throws us in directions where we may be faced with a different situation but same emotions/same issue to confront - to see how we will deal with it.  Will we run or will we face it? Will be take a stand or be in the dark? Will we recognize our triggers without judgement and be willing to face this issue from scratch again - and accept the fact that this is just another lesson.  

What is your choice? How do you respond to the concept of Letting go?  What is your idea of letting go?

I ask you to do the following:
1.  List 5 things you need to let go right now ...and do it quickly without thinking.  START NOW!
2.  Now pick one of the items on that list and write about that for five minutes.  

Happy Journaling!

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