Friday, August 16, 2013


There is something about giving voice to that sixth sense in you - that small still voice that is most often heard when we allow the mind to quieten.   Sometimes intuition is not only that small still voice, it could be your body talking to you - urging you to look inside or pay attention to something - or warn you about something. 

How do you develop that intution? Or more rather, how does one learn to pay attention to that small still voice.  The mind is continously chattering and to get to that point when we know it is our gut feeling or our inutition talking to us it takes practice, it takes skill, it takes special attention.   I read an article once that gave some practical tips, and I would like to list them - I have found them to be quite helpful for me in learning to listen to what I would like to call my "higher self."   

1.  keep a notebook - and list five different random events that may have felt like intution -i really think that often we overlook the body's response to intuition - and it is important to pay attention to that.  For example - did u feel a knot in your tummy/or goosebumps/ or your heart began to stir - kind of like an opening and softening of your heart.  List them and pay attention to them.   By writing those down - you can begin to pay more attention between the difference when it is your mind versus your sixth sense.  

2.  Sitting in silence for some time and asking yourself the question "What is it that I am not seeing here? And what is it that I need to more clearly?  Allow yourself to write that for some time and see what comes up.

3.  I often find that if you are not good with words, drawing or collaging can help with intuition - the words cannot always give reason to something and words sometimes may not be enough - that's when art can assist. 

We tend to ignore that small voice often second-guessing it, or undermining it - but if we begin to pay more attention to our intution, it will help in reaffirming our worth - and loving ourselves more.  

Happy Journaling!

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