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Thursday, March 28, 2013


Spring is almost here...I wake up and hear the birds singing, the sun is shining stronger than ever.  The clouds on this side of my world are puffier, filled with shapes, almost breathtaking to look at and there is a sense of newness in the air.  Then it gets cold again, and with that our mood changes. Isn't it amazing at the power of nature to change our moods.  And isn't interesting to see how we as individuals react so instantly to Change.  It could be change in the weather, it could be change in the traffic conditions, it could be change to a software or computer system or it could be unexpected change in our lives.   A single word, a simple thought, an unexpected deed could instantaneously change our reaction to it and our moods.   And yet if we think about it, the very core of who we are remains unchanged.  It is our minds that let us run with the emotions that come through and make us victims of either unnecessary suffering or extreme glee.   neither one of them is good because they both have the power just like a balloon to get popped at any time and can change instaneously according to the tune that is playing.   If the music we like is playing, we are happy.  If we don't like the music, then we get restless and want to hear something else. 

As humans we tend to be that way - restless...needing something outside of ourselves to satisfy us, when all we have to do is really look inward.   That satisfaction or that instant gratification from the outside world through our various senses - touch, taste, smell, sound, etc have the amazing capability to change our moods, to make us feel better temporarily- but in reality we are always searching, running, moving away from our real SELVES - the self that needs to be recognized and that needs to be heard.   Think about it - we crave a particular food -something very unhealthy- and even though we may know that it  might not be the best thing to do - we find a way to convince ourselves that we need it, we raitonalize ways in which we can justify why we want it and then we do it.  Look at the power of the mind - to find a rationale for everything - and we become puppets to our mind.   Another example - we are always seeking externally the recognition, the "pat on the back", and crave that attention so subconsciously we do things that can let us feel good about ourselves.  How many of us do things purely self-less?  The constant yearning to find satisfaction from an external source eventually can leave a person depleted.  it can leave you feeling drained.  It can leave you feeling confused.  

The direction has to be turned inward - gaining that internal strength so that regardless of what happens to us outside we ae always rooted firmly on the ground just like a tree.  The roots of the tree run so deep that regardless of how fast the wind goes, it stays firm.   Similarly working on developing that internal strength makes us strong like the tree.   Not only on the surface, but also inside - and leaves us content like the tree.  

How does one get to that point? One must be ready to enter into the fire of awareness - One must be ready to face the fears that you are hiding from, and one must have an appointment with oneself of daily silence.   I firmly believe that silence can keep you grounded.   It is in the depths of silence that you can hear your soul speak to you.  It is in the depths of silence that you begin to feel that love for yourself.  It is in the depth of silence that you begin to feel a connection to other beings.    Silence brings acceptance which brings strength which brings love.   Love for oneself and love for all.    Our minds love to chatter.   We need to silence that chatter and start to listen to our self.   It will give us the courage to truly be ourselves.  

An Exercise:

- Before you get out of bed in the morning (and it doesn't have to be every morning).  Put your phone off.   Tune out what you have to do for the day.  Take Five Inhales and Exhales.   Allow yourself to feel completely releaxed. 

- Listen with Intention.  Focus on the sound of your breath, the birds singing, the cars honking, the street noises outside, pay attention to that.  Thoughts will come and go, but let them pass like clouds. 
- Take a piece of paper or if you have a journal write a couple of sentences that come to you in the morning after being in silence.  
This whole process should not take more than five minutes.  If you have more time gradually start to increase it.  

It will do you wonders......

Happy Journaling!

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