Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Journaling and Quotes...

Buddha Quotes on Hanging Wall ScrollsWalking into a store at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco a couple of years ago, and I felt I was home.   What was it about this store that made me want to stay there forever? It had Quote Hangings all over.  Quotes from The Buddha, Quotes From the I-Ching, Quotes from Gandhi, Quotes by John Lennon.   They resembled prayer flags - quotes that were printed in cloth and could be used as wall accents and decoration.   There was something about being in that environment that was very calming.  

There is something about the power of a quote.   Just the other day I was reading an article by Geoffrey O'Brien who wrote " Quotes are the mental furniture of my life."  It is an outer reflection of our deepest values, our deepest desires and expectations we have for ourselves and for the world around us.   It is an outer reflection of our soul.   Reading a quote can either inspire you to perform a random act of kindness for someone or it can get you in the mood to be creative or it can still you.   Whatever the reaction, it does something for your soul.   The idea of a quote having that capacity to move you says something about the power of words.   That words have that power to either destroy you or make you and how important it is for us to use our words carefully.   It goes with the power of the quote - how often have you gone through a day very stressed and then only to see a saying, a phrase somewhere to remind you of your purpose or to bring a smile to you.   It is the same thing with our words - as we begin to become more aware of how our words have the capacity to shape us, form us and make us, we can actually become more conscious in the ways in which we use them.   To help us get us into that framework, reading quotes of inspiration can serve as a reminder to us of being true with our words.  

A journaling prompt I would like to share with you.......Pick a quote that resonates with you - and Journal for 5-10 minutes with that quote in mind.   Writing for five to ten minutes continuously could get you in a mode that  allows the deepest core of yourself to be expressed without judgement, without fear, and without hesitation.  I have often used quotes as an inspiration to do a journaling entry and i have found that it can spark that creative fire in you that sometimes you may not know how to channel.   

What are some of your favorite quotes? When you are feeling low do you look for a quote to bring you up? When you feel happy, do you look for a quote to express what it is you are feeling but can't put it in words? Do you sometimes feel the need to share certain quotes with others - knowing that it can impact the other?
Happy Journaling!

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