Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday...

I'm sitting here on this Holy Friday and reflect on the teachings the Great Master left with us on this day.  I may not be a Christian, but i grew up in an environment where Good Friday was the day we reflected on the teachings of Jesus, and how He sacrificed His life in honor of pure simple truths such as Love, Forgiveness, Truth and Faith .   It has always been a special day for me because the message is simple - His life was his message and to that we should try to imbibe by these universal truths.  It is not a question of a religion, it is a question of simple values of kindness, compassion, empathy, love, forgiveness and exemplified by a great master.      Something beautiful died and we take time to reflect and remember. 
Years later, on this day, let us take time to think about our actions - are they kind - are our thoughts kind - are we helping those in need - do we truly practice forgiveness- do we love regardless of whether someone loves us back or not.    I always find this day to be a day of mixed emotions - just like with death - it is filled with emotions - but this death is larger - because it shows the resurrection- the resurrection shows us what is beyond our eyes - and that is a beautiful thing. 

Happy Easter & Holy Weekend....

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