Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Being Stuck...

Feeling Stuck is a gnawing feeling that we sometimes will expereince in our bodies -unable to move, or in our minds - when we feel that we are thinking about 50 things at the same time  or in our emotions which can manifest in anxiety or in feeling frozen.  How many of us start a project - begin with zest, enthusiasnm determination - we get into it and we have all these ideas bursting in our head - and maybe in the beginning we seem to be meeting some head way - but then something - someone may trigger something in you and you get frozen. 
You don't know where to go - how to move forward -how to get beyond the beginning phase and you feel stuck.  
You may call it feeling stuck or others may view it as reaching a plateau.  There is that sense of restlessness and anxiety of when are we going to get to the next place - i think  it is important at that point - how much of this is being stuck, and how much of this is about learning to be calm and let things manifest at their own pace and time.   It is important to explore both aspects depending on the individual - and for that u need to look at your self and say - is the universe trying to tell me to learn to slow down? or is the universe trying to teach me to look at what my negative patterns are and how am i to break free of that? The key to that is learning acceptance and mindfulness in that.   From a physical standpoint, it is important to notice how our feelings of being stuck can be manifested physically - knots in different parts of our body - such as the back, or perhaps the lower abdomen, our head, our shoulders. It could be sleeplessness - and from an emotional standpoint it could be anxiety or restlessness or overindulgence whether it be in food, drink, shopping.

If we are not in tuned with ourselves, we may not even realize that we are stuck - Sometimes we can be stuck for months without even realizing it - Regardless of the duration of this feeling of stucknesss - the key is figuring out what triggers it and how to get out of it.   Sometimes a whole year can pass us by and we may not even realize that we are frozen whether it be physically, emotionally or spiritually.  The danger in being stuck is that it prevents us from being more intuned with ourselves, it denies us the opportunity to become the person we are meant to be, and is very defeating for our spirit. 
How can we be creative when we are feeling stuck in a situation?

Use this stuckness as a wake up call because it can help you look back to see where you have been and you can look forward to see where you might go.   Try not to be resistant of being in that mode, realize that where you are is okay and it can serve a purpose if you are mindful of where you are.  
Some tips that have helped me when I'm in that phase that I would like to share with you:
- The point of having silence/meditation at a set time for me everyday - make it your daily appointment with your self where you allow yourself to be silent.  For me it is in the morning before i start my day and it centers me, and gives me energy and motivation to face the day.  
-recognize the difference between mental chatter and the effect it has on you to create some form of anxiety - and learning to still that mental chatter when you sit in silence. Be aware of what we say to ourselves within this time period - is it a negative feeling - -What about our thoughts - are our thoughts positive or negative - have an affirmation for yourself so everytime you feel that you are heading into a negative self-talk you begin to utilize the affirmation to bring you back.  
- Write down your experiences from the past and how you feel about your experience and how this will shape your futre.   Writing it down helps put things in perspective.    -Sometimes getting feedback from someone objective can be helpful - it doesn't mean that you have to do what they tell you to, but you are taking in information that
- it is important to not control the outcome - this is a time frame for watching, gathering information, monitoring our feelings, processing our feelings and thoughts - and we may be surprised with where it takes us.   It is all about being in the moment and with the process. 
 - The waiting mode can often feel like being stuck - and this is the hardest part because we have these expectations that some type of direction or announcement will be provided to us either from within or from an adviser- but getting obsessed in this phase can be a disservice to us because we are always living in the future and we miss out on what is right in front of us - we are so blinded by our expectations that we forget that sometimes if we stay still, the answere will come to us.   Each of us has the wisdom inside of us that we prevent ourselves from saying/being.    The wisdom is what makes us who we are but it has been clouded by so many layers -the layers need to come off so that we can finally return to our true self.  

A writing exercise that I have tried over and over again and is so powerful is the following:
- In the lower right hand corner doodle/draw/ be creative of where u are right now in your life.   Don't censor yourself.
- In the upper right hand corner draw where you see yourself in the future and again you can doodle, use crayons, markers - be creative if you want to. 
-Now link the two together and draw a path from A to B and see what happens.  Draw how you get from where you are now to where you want to be - are there blocks, are there guides, are there hills, or water.   See what happens.

Now do a 5 minute writing piece with this and see where it takes you.   Read it out loud to yourself and monitor the insights.    

 Happy Journaling:)

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