Friday, November 9, 2012


So I woke up a couple of days ago saying to myself, i want to blog about journaling.  I have been keeping a journal since forever and it has been my best friend, companion, my therapist, and the inner voice in me throughout these years.  There is something about picking up a pen and letting the ink run without stopping, without judgement and letting the words run through.  during the period of writing, one is simply in the moment focusing on the act of writing rather than focusing on how it will sound.  Kind of like breathing.  We breathe like it is natural to us, but when we really focus on our breathing, like a deep inhale let all the air out, journaling is like that...we are letting out the stuff out of us.  The stuff that sits in our bodies without us being fulling aware, the stuff that is in our head that can make us go crazy, and the stuff in our hearts that can stop make us numb at times to what is going on around us.   Life is about really being present in the moment - keeping a journal has helped me move further towards that goal - we spend so much of our time worrying about the past, worrying about the future, and we forget what's right in front of us....
So this blog is about the beauty of keeping a journal.  
Yesterday i saw the most beautiful sunset ever --the sky was changing colors - it started from a yellow, to a deep fushia ---watching the sunset was very stilling -what is it about a sunset that can just change your mood in an instant.  I began to think -if i had written for five minutes after watching the sun fade away, i wonder about the journal entry i would have made - what would i have to say - i didn't end up doing an entry but i ask you today, if you see something from nature that takes your breath away for a split second - for five minutes grab a piece of paper and a pen and write - see what happens.   I have done that before in the past and was amazed to see what came out - i'm not claiming to be a literary genius/writer - but what i did find is that in journaling one finds ur own unique true voice that makes u   "YOU."    And you begin to fall in love with yourself, laugh at yourself, or even at times cry with yourself when u begin to accept the real "YOU."....

So i end with the famous Dr. Seuss quote  - "Today you are you, that is truer than true.  There is noone alive who is Youer than YOU!!!

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  1. YOU will be an inspiration to many! I am so glad you have started this blog.